Sunday, June 03, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Mark Levin shredsTrey Gowdy's Idiotic defense of FBI malfeasance

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Trey Gowdy's Idiotic defense of FBI malfeasance: Mark Levin
Here's Sec. of State Hillary Clnton discussing slain Amb. Stevens' diary: Stealth Jeff
Top FBI Official Who Quit Over Rigged Hillary Probe Ready to Testify: TruePundit

Let’s talk Deep State: Saul Montes-Bradley
SPYFALL: The War Economy
Bongino: Trey Gowdy’s Spygate dismissal is ‘disgraceful’: Carmel Kookogey

Spygate Debate: Joe diGenova -vs- Phillipe Reines: CTH
FBI Spying On Trump Started Earlier Than Thought: ZH
Giuliani threatens to go to court if Mueller subpoenas Trump: Aris Folley

In Leaked Letter, Trump's Lawyers Tell Mueller To Go Pound Sand: ZH
Defense Department Taking Over Security Clearance Process: James Joyner
Koch Brothers Help Out Embattled Dem Heidi Heitkamp in Trump Country: Emma Roller


Is Loony Left Gov. Jerry Brown killing California?: Steve Hilton
Large, small OH businesses give back to employees, charities after tax reform: Bethany Blankley
Pelosi Downplays Positive Jobs Report: 'Strong Employment Numbers Mean Little': FNI

Scandal Central

Confidential letter sent by President’s lawyers to Mueller somehow "obtained" by NYT: NYT
Trump Hits NYT Hard Before They Can Publish Latest Mueller Leak: GWP
The Maltese Fulcrum – Dan Bongino Discusses Latest Developments in Spygate: CTH

The Papadopoulos Case Needs a Closer Look: Andrew C. McCarthy
I'm now convinced that Papadopoulos may be part of the Obama/Clinton gang: REX
Newest Mueller Prosecutor Donated To Hillary Clinton: Chuck Ross


Our Humming Economy, Trump v. Kim Meeting, and the Scouts.: Politibrew
The vast majority of Americans will Red Pill: SoulWar
Perfect: Loathsome Liar Ben Rhodes Joins MSNBC: MSNBC PR

PuffHo fascist Luke O’Brien doxes counter-jihadi, gets her husband fired: Robert Spencer
CNN’s May Ratings Are In; They’re Almost Too Pathetic To Believe: ILMF
Ted Cruz, Jimmy Kimmel to end feud with one-on-one basketball game: Megan Henney


Canadians deserve better than Justin Trudeau : The Last Refuge
London's Big Ben: Brigette Swenson
The Trump Doctrine – Defense Secretary James Mattis Speech, Questions and Answers to IISS Forum: CTH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Forget GDPR, EU's New Copyright Proposal Will Be A Complete Disaster For The Internet: Techdirt
The Best Places to Find Free Audiobooks (Legally): Brady Gavin
Ancient Egyptian bird mummy turns out to be human: Amanda Kooser


Little Bits Of Lunacy And Wisdom: Mike McDaniel
I want to show you what flat affect is: Thomas Wictor
MOTUS’ Semi-Irregular Summer Sabbatical 2018: MOTUS

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Anonymous said...

But I was so impressed with Comey as well. He struck me as being nearly perfect. And, in time I began to wish Gowdy a shoo-in for the Supreme Court. Now? Super Man, where are you?

Anonymous said...

Mr. T is handling the pardons well, let's hope he doesn't forget Nakoula Basseley Nakoula the man who made the video Barack and Hillary blamed for Benghazi. The FBI put the dude in prison and he currently lives in homeless shelters in CA.
I'd like to see the Obama/Jarrett house cleared out so he can take ownership and move in.

And is it true Gowdy is driving an expensive new sports car? There's something wrong with the water in DC, or has it been the Uniparty all along?