Friday, June 22, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Scandals Sanitized with Linguistic Trickery

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Scandals Sanitized with Linguistic Trickery: Victor Davis Hanson
Ex-Trump Official Caputo has Proof Obama FBI Spied on Campaign in Early 2016: GWP
Unbelievable! It Was Rosenstein Who Hid the “Stop Trump” Texts: S. Noble

Outrage, Inc.: Liberty's Torch
Speier Defends Hecklers Who Shouted at Nielsen in Restaurant, Blames It on Trump: WFB
Gowdy, Goodlatte react to inspector general's report on FBI: Fox

Revisiting the events in Las Vegas with Brad Johnson: Vlad Tepes
Orlando International Airport to scan faces of US citizens: AP
Hotels are installing Amazon listening devices in every room: MassPrivateI

House Republicans cancel vote on immigration legislation: Marisa Schultz
The Real Child Abusers of Border Insecurity: Daniel Greenfield
Pentagon asked to make room for 20,000 migrant children on military bases: WaPo


Did A Federal Judge Just Kill The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?: RS
Canada, EU and Germany Signal Compliance With President Trump Trade Demands: CTH
Germany earned €2.9 billion from Greece’s debt crisis: Claire Stam

Scandal Central

"The Whole Thing Is A Scam": Trump Unloads On "Deep State" Enemies During Fiery Speech: ZH
Horowitz: Over 300 Bribes to FBI Agents by Journalists: RS
Peter Strzok has lost his security clearance --- Jeff Sessions: Chuck Ross

Judicial Watch: New IRS Documents Show McCain Staff Urging IRS To Target Tea Party Groups: CTH
John McCain Staffer Told Lois Lerner To Audit Non-Exempts Till They Collapsed: Jeff Dunetz
IG Horowitz Drops a Bombshell Regarding the Clinton Email Scandal: Paul Sperry


Illegal Immigration, Internment Camps, and Useful Idiots: David Catron
Watch IG Horowitz' Reaction When Asked If Hillary Committed "No Crimes": ZH
‘Lying Comey’ Refuses to Apologize to ‘Crooked Hillary’ Over Email Probe: Sputnik


Report Identifies Test Site Kim Vowed to Destroy: VOA
U.S. Officials Press Cuba on ‘Urgent Need’ to ID Source of Attacks on Diplomats: Susan Crabtree
Indictment: Hamas Paid Family to Falsely Claim Gaza Baby Died of Inhaling Israeli Tear Gas: David Rutz

Lockheed to deliver advanced F-35 jet to Turkey despite US rift: Foreign Brief
Killings By Security Forces Rife In Venezuela, Rule Of Law ‘Virtually Absent’: U.N.: Stephanie Nebehay
Germany has major military ambitions for Europe: Links 2, June 21, 2018: Vlad Tepes

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The man who was fired by a machine: Jane Wakefield
Nine out of 10 enterprises will use robotic process automation by 2020: Karl Flinders
The $1 keyboard you can crumple up and put in your pocket: Daily Mail


RIP Charles Krauthammer: Sarah Rumpf
Tears of Joy: ABC
The Children’s Crisis Isn’t Working: Scott McKay

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QOTD: "I think he means 'undocumented democrats'".


Anonymous said...

Fired by a Robot, driven by a Robot, and now they are serving us hamburgers.
What will be the charge if with malice aforethought we meet this creature in an alley and neatly dismantle him?

Anonymous said...

Linguistic trickery is necessary but insufficient. One needs to have a properly placed mole; someone like Hebert John Kerner to obstruct investigations.
The linguistics are just the detailing to take out all the dents and scratches so the final product doesn’t look tampered with.

Unknown said...

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