Sunday, June 17, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: IG Report: Strzok Statements About Weiner Laptop Conflict With FBI Claims

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Posting Update: As some may be aware, Ross and Spackle are returning from a clandestine mission overseas and posting may be sporadic for the next day or two. Expect a full report in a post next week, although it may be fully redacted.


IG Report: Strzok Statements About Weiner Laptop Conflict With FBI Claims: CTH
More Concerns on the Weiner/Abedin Emails: Undercover Huber
Bongino Slams Obama's Lies: Denying Early Knowledge of HRC Email Server: FNI

The Deep State is Winning: Brandon J. Weichert
The Deep State Is an Organism, not a Conspiracy: Charlie Martin
Tying Hillary’s Emails to the Russian ‘Collusion’ Probe: Lee Smith

7 Truths Liberals Will Never Acknowledge About Illegal Immigration: John Hawkins
‘Three Californias’ plan would give Dems more seats: The Hill
Chief: NYPD's Gang Database is 99% Minorities: TCR

Scandal Central

Agent 1 Said, “Awesome. Lied his ass off...aint noone gonna do sh*t" : S. Noble
Obama Administration Kept Illegal Mexican Kids In Detention Camps As “Experiment”: Jeff Dunetz
Trey Gowdy: GOP will hit DOJ, FBI with ‘full arsenal’ to get documents: Kelly Cohen


Mark Levin: “FBI interfered with election worse than the Russians could have dreamed”: Scoop
Dershowitz Explodes On MSNBC: Locking Up Manafort Before A Trial Is ‘So Obnoxious To Our Constitution’: DC
Daily Mail:


Kissinger calls Trump a 'phenomenon that foreign countries haven't seen': The Hill
Every Year American Children Are Separated From Parents Put In Prison: Federalist
Pelosi Slams ‘The Hypocrisy Of All People Of Faith’ Over Immigration Policies: Noisy Room

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Full automation: What it means for the American trucker: Cristina Commendatore
Total Failure of the Climate Crusade: WUWT
Exclusive: NEO GM Says Blockchain Could be Used to Replace Facebook: Tim Copeland


Happy Father's Day: MOTUS
HS receptionist belts out Etta James classic over PA system: Fox
Giuliani: "Comey Should Go To Jail" , Biased FBI Agents "Fired And Imprisoned This Week": ZH

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