Saturday, June 02, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: The Expanding Spygate Scandal, Explained

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The Expanding Spygate Scandal, Explained: Zach Haller
London ‘bridges’ falling down: Curious origins of FBI’s Trump-Russia probe: John Solomon
Mark Levin Roasts Obama For Calling Trump A 'Cartoon': DC

Leave it to the Stupid Party to sanitize the Obama administration’s spying: George Neumayr
Trump/Russia May Expose Extent of “Five Eyes” Allied Spying: Sara Carter
Report: Intel On Papadopoulos Was Passed To US Embassy Officials In London: Chuck Ross

An Argument Can Be Made That Mueller is under the IG's Thumb: Jeff Carlson
Levin: ‘To get along with progressivism’ is ‘to surrender constitutionalism’: Jordan Schachtel
Joe diGenova: Dishonest John Brennan Was Behind Trump Setup: Base

What we learn from Ben Rhodes: Obama believed he was entitled to rule: Monica Showalter
The World As It Wasn’t: Barack Obama's revealing reaction to Donald Trump's victory: Matthew Continetti
Texas Federal Judge Rejects Motion to Dismiss State's Lawsuit Against DACA: NUSA


Open Doors to Foreign Students Leads to American Job Loss and National Security Threat: Brenda Walker
Nancy Pelosi slams booming economy: ‘Strong employment numbers mean little’: Kyle Olson
Trade war: Trudeau taunted Trump for two years — and Trump finally pushed back: Ezra Levant

Scandal Central

A Hornet’s Nest Kicked – The Importance of Rogers’ March 2016 Discovery: Jeff Carlson
Google is labeling a Trump-supporting Republican state senator a “BIGOT”: Alex Thompson
Obama Spied on Trump in 2011: Rebel (4/5/2017)


Page Six exposes the liberal celebrities who pulled a ‘Roseanne’ but DIDN’T get fired: Scoop
Huffington Post Doxes Pro-Trump Writer, Gets Her Husband Fired: GWP
Joy Reid's Blog Promoted Anti-Semitic Conspiracies, Vicious Personal Attacks: DailyWire

"My God, I thought. What have we become?": Don Surber
Son of Prominent Obama WH Figure Now Outspoken Trump Supporter and Republican: Joe Saunders
Diamond & Silk: NFL Anthem Protesters Should Kneel in Locker Room or 'the Unemployment Line': FNI


President Trump White House Visit With North Korea Vice-Chairman Kim Yong Chol: CTH
Populist Government Takes Power in Italy: Soeren Kern
UK: A New Drive for Islamic Blasphemy Laws?: Judith Bergman

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Snowden files: Inside Waihopai's domes: Stuff
Real world Machine Learning in Fintech: Deepak Vraghavan
Discovering Gilgamesh, the World’s First Action Hero: Francisco del Rio Sanchez


With All This Manure, There Must Be A Pony Somewhere!: PCP
The Lightbringer Fails To See The Light: MOTUS
Vegas Docs Reveal Stephen Paddock Told Uber Driver About A "Terrorist Attack For Mandalay Bay": Loomer

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QOTD: "The magnitude of the corrupt operation designed and implemented to ensure the Clinton Restoration was of a historically unprecedented scale, and built with the intention to impose a new totalitarianism on the American people using the corrupt elements of the American power establishment against them. With the heavy in lifting of blocking the Clinton Restoration behind them and grand juries seated to review criminal evidence from the IG, Americans can rest assured the IG probe and incoming criminal prosecutions will ensure what happened to Trump will not happen to his ultimate successor. As investigations carry on, the Obama-Clinton swamp will drain, and the Clinton cancer that has crippled American government for decades will soon be fully eradicated." --Zach Haller


John the River said...

"...the Obama-Clinton swamp will drain, and the Clinton cancer that has crippled American government for decades will soon be fully eradicated."

May God wish it so. Crime on this scale deserves nothing less than a trip to the gallows.

seekerofthetruth said...

...historically unprecedented...
Can we be sure of that?

What would similar enquiry into the Obama elections find?
Or Al Gore?
Or any democrat campaign in the 20th century