Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: How does the original Guccifer fit into the #Spygate timeline?

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How does the original Guccifer fit into the timeline of Papadopoulos, et al?: TracyBeanz
Scoring the Summit: George Neumayr
The Supreme Court’s Narrow Decision on Purging Voter Rolls: Dan McLaughlin

VA Supreme Court Kills Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s Order Giving Felons Voting Rights: Lookout
The Democrat Party Is Dead: Monty Pelerin
Say Hello to This Recently Paroled California Murderer: Patterico

AG Sessions Changes Immigration Policy And Usual Suspects Are Going Bonkers: RS
Feinstein: I was Unaware of Mistreatment of Illegals During Obama Years: Conor Beck
Why nearly half of San Francisco Bay Area residents plan to leave: Patrick Chu

Another Terrorist Sues US Bureau of Prisons; Legal Wins Pile Up: Patrick Dunleavy
NFIB v. Sebelius Comes Back to Bite Obamacare: David Catron
Larry Kudlow Recovering After Heart Attack: Bloomberg


President Trump Leads The ‘Great Trade Awakening’: CTH
The Days of America as the World’s Piggy Bank Are Over: EIB
Mark Levin explains why Trump is imposing huge tariffs: Scoop

Scandal Central

Another Big Obama Lie: Jed Babbin
Federal judge halts secret FEC plot to target GOP groups: Paul Bedard
#Spygate: Maltese Professor Interacted With Institutions Known For Propaganda Peddling: Disobedient


Soliloquies for Dummies: Mark Steyn
Hannity Lands First Interview With Trump After Historic North Korea Summit: Cameron Cawthorne
Dennis Rodman on NoKo: Gets Emotional About How Obama Wouldn’t Listen, Trump Did: CTH

Twitter CEO Reminded By LGBT Community That He’s Not Allowed To Enjoy Chick-Fil-A: Brandon Morse
De Niro Has Discovered the Secret to Reelecting Trump: Marta Hernandez
NYT Wishcasting: Stealth Jeff


Kim Jong Un Promises ‘Major Change’ At Trump Signing Ceremony: DC
Trump: US to stop war games, North Korea agrees to destroy missile site: Steven Nelson
President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un Initial Meeting Remarks – Transcript and Pictures: CTH

20,000 People Come Out for Tommy Robinson at London’s Whitehall: Robert Spencer
Sweden: The Chaos Spreads: GoV
Full text of the Trump-Kim agreement: LegitGov

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Internet Ad Leader that You Probably Have Never Heard Of.: David Borun, Zacks
This is the week that the drone surveillance state became real: Quartz
MIT Creates AI-Powered Psychopath Called 'Norman': ExtremeTech


Peace: In a New York Minute: MOTUS
President Trump and Chairman Kim Go For A Stroll After Lunch – Video and Pictures: CTH
Anthony Bourdain's Haunting Tweet Weeks Before His Suicide: How Clinton's Goons Harassed Him: True Pundit

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