Monday, June 25, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Today is deadline for DOJ, FBI to hand over materials on Trump campaign informants

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Today DOJ, FBI must hand over materials on Trump campaign informants: Naomi Lim
Sunday Talks: Bob Goodlatte Discusses Upcoming Peter Strzok Deposition: CTH
Fed-up Trump proposes new system: ‘No judges, no courts,’ illegals go ‘immediately’: BPR

Hillary Clinton email probe ends on cliffhanger: Susan Shelley
DOJ gives Congress new classified documents on Russia probe: Mary Clare Jalonick
'Buckle up' for more Russia revelations from Mueller, Senate Democrat says: Naomi Lim

Portland Occupiers Shut Down ICE Office, Replace American Flag: Debra Heine
Border Agent Injured Protecting Elderly Lady from Leftist Protesters: S. Noble
Obama Separated 72,410 Children from Their Illegal Immigrant Parents in 2013: GWP

Why the Resistance is futile: Don Surber
Dear America, The Left Has Declared War On You: Kevin McCullough
Sarah Huckabee Sanders kicked out of a restaurant: Can’t we all just get along?: DTG


Taxpayers’ Money Going To Islamic Charity Group With Ties To Terrorist Groups: DC
Class Action Suits Target Unions: Bill McMorris
Chart of the day (century?): Price changes 1997 to 2017: Carpe Diem

Scandal Central

Dem Staffer Tried To Stop Theft Ring On Capitol Hill, Was Met With Resistance: Luke Rosiak
Obama's DHS Secretary Freely Admits 'We Detained Children,' We 'Believed It Was Necessary': Emily Zanotti
Trump tweets images of Obama-era family migrant holding centers: DailyMail

If the FBI had a FISA warrant aimed at the Clinton Foundation...: Harold Finch
Why the Left Is Having a Nervous Breakdown: Roger L. Simon
Teacher Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex With Girl Who Sexted Anthony Weiner!: Radar


No One Is Asking What Is Compassionate For The Average American Citizen : Kira Davis
Defending the Border: Full Measure
Gang leader ‘sorry’ after innocent teen is butchered in street: Post

Why Obama Wanted the Russians to Hack the Election: Daniel Greenfield
Why mainstream media hysteria is increasing: Thomas Lifson
Glenn Beck Takes off Mic, Storms off CNN Set When Asked About Layoffs at The Blaze: Caleb Howe


Round 2: UN Continues Their Push To Disarm Americans: Beth Baumann
Mattis Heads to China for Strategic Talks with PLA: Bill Gertz
Nigeria: Muslims murder 86 Christians, burn 50 houses: Robert Spencer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

In Army of None, a field guide to the coming world of autonomous warfare: Danny Crichton
California officials warn: Only days left to register all 'bullet button assault weapons': Guns
Research: ETFs Could Lead Bitcoin Price to $35,000 and It Isn’t Far Away: Joseph Young

Everything Amazon Is Doing In Financial Services: CB Insights
Police are arresting tourists for taking selfies with Hawaii’s Mt. Kilauea eruption: BGR
21e800: Bitcoin, Satoshi and the Mystery Twitter Is Obsessing Over: Christine Kim


Maxine Waters Incites Violence: NoisyRm
Even Maxine won’t live in Maxine’s district: Retort (2017)
Scott Adams On Why Republicans Have To Vote This November: “They’re Coming For You Next”: Lookout

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