Monday, December 03, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Failure Of The 'Blue Wave' Should Be A Warning To Dems About 2020

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In this brutally honest portrait, Sergeant Michael Middleton--a now-retired veteran of the LAPD--tells the gripping tale of his two decades on some of the America's meanest streets.
Failure Of The 'Blue Wave' Should Be A Warning To Dems About 2020: J.T. Young
These swing elections may not really be wave elections: Salena Zito
Guardian’s Manafort Tale: Third Try at Creating Collusion Narrative: Margot Cleveland

16 Likely Democratic Presidential Candidates Endorse CAIR: Ryan Mauro
Subversive Congresswoman Swears to “Transform Our Democracy”: S. Noble
Migrants Land Boat on California Beach 100 Miles from Border: Bob Price

Eric Holder-Led Group Releases State Target List Leading Up to 2020: Joe Schoffstall
Brenda Snipes rescinds resignation as Broward County elections chief: Naomi Lim
Curtains for the Clintons: Maureen Dowd

Clinging To Russia Collusion Theory Despite Lack Of Evidence: Mollie Hemingway
California's "High-Speed" Rail Boondoggle Continues: Ace
Did “ballot harvesting,” not a rejection of Trump, cost GOP Orange County?: LI


No New Tariffs: Trump Wins Trade Battle With China: Jason Hopkins
Trump Tweets China To Cut Tax On U.S.-Made Cars, Revs Up Auto Stocks: OAN
Trump to terminate NAFTA, says Congress can choose between replacement or nothing: CTH

Scandal Central

Senator Mark Warner: The SSCI is “Working Closely” With Robert Mueller: CTH
Comey backs off legal challenge to subpoena, says he'll testify to House in private: Melissa Quinn
Sunday Talks: Chairman Goodlatte Discusses Anticipating Comey Testimony: CTH

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Trump Stands His Groun on Climate Change at G-20 Summit: Penny Starr
Qatar announces surprise plan to quit OPEC in January: TheWeek


That Donald Trump, He LIES SO MUCH: Ace
New Democrat Congresswoman: CNN Should Have the Right to Argue in Favor of Genocide: Ace
CBS and CNN missing one tiny detail in coverage of climate-change tax riots in France: Twitchy

This is the SEAL Leadership book we have been waiting for. A must read for every leader.
CRTV and TheBlaze are merging!: Scoop
‘America Is Trash’, Red States Are ‘Hee Haw’ Say University Students: S. Noble
Foul-mouthed Michelle Obama shocks audience with her profanity: Scoop


Fears mount: Putin’s Russia poised to seize more of Ukraine?: Joel Gehrke
ISIS Leader Who Beheaded US Aid Worker in 2013 Killed In Drone Strike: Shifra
Panama the new flashpoint in China’s growing presence in Latin America: Wow!

Vandals, or Militants?: Guy Sorman
In Paris, the Worst Riots in a Generation: Paul Mirengoff
“Marcon is betraying his own people”: The Paris riots from the inside: Jack Buckby

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

'Digital smell' technology could let us transmit odors in online chats: NBC
Scientists more accurately gauge the brightness of the universe: Jon Fingas
USDA approves edible cotton, which apparently tastes like hummus: Kate Bernot


Migrant Caravan Mysteriously Disappears But Leaves Behind Cool Wooden Horse: Babylon Bee
Monday Pun: GOC
The Deadliest Operation: Robert Gore

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