Friday, December 21, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Trump, Daines To McConnell: Time To Go Nuclear On The Border Wall

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Trump, Daines To McConnell: Time To Go Nuclear On The Border Wall: Ed Morrissey
Trump's veto threat pays off: House approves $5.7B for border wall: Susan Ferrechio
Trump boosts his 2020 chances with border wall fight: Al Weaver

What the Russian Trolls Were Really Doing in 2016: Daniel Greenfield
Trump Derangement Syndrome and How It Works: Elephant
Trump’s Top AG Pick Claims Mueller Misunderstands Obstruction of Justice: Jack Crowe

California ‘Yellow Vest’ Movement Joins French Against Socialism and Globalism: Nathan Su
Border Walls Work: Westley Parker
A GoFundMe page to fund a border wall has made $4 million in 3 days: TampaBay


Fund the Wall “Old School”- Replace War Bonds with “Wall Bonds”: James Soviero
The real “deep state” sabotage is happening at the Fed: Matthew Yglesias (2017)

Scandal Central

James Wolfe: The Liar No One Is Talking About: Julie Kelly
McCain Pal, Paul Ryan Aide, and GOP Rep. Early Recipients of Dossier: PJM
Lewandowski and Bossie Finger Trump’s Enemies: Jeffrey Lord

Freed by California’s Sanctuary State Law, Man Went On ‘Reign Of Terror’ Two Days Later: John Sexton
Senate Intel Committee Security Director James Wolfe Sentenced to Two Months in Prison: CTH
Soros Gave $1.35M to ‘Nonpartisan’ Watchdog Inundating Trump with Lawsuits: Joe Schoffstall


Levin: This judge had the gall to accuse a three-star general of treason: Carmel Kookogey
Rush: Trump Told Me He’s Either Getting The Wall Or The Government’s Shutting Down: Hot Air
WH Senior Advisor Stephen Miller vs. U.S. State Run Media Wolf Blitzer: CTH


Mattis quits at Pentagon over policy clashes with Trump: Diana Stancy Correll
US defense chief Mattis stepping down after surprise Syria pullout: TOI
Mexico Goes Along With Trump’s Caravan Plan: Jazz Shaw

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

'White hat hacker' talks directly to man through his Nest camera: DailyMail
Microsoft Issues Emergency Fix for IE Zero Day: Krebs
Alien structure on Mars? Pyramid found on the Red Planet: Sean Martin


FLOTUS Friday: Yes, I’m Going There. This is Your Only Warning: MOTUS
‘Pure evil’: Murder, sexual assault of Scandinavian hikers in Morocco tied to ISIS terrorists: Twitchy
The Huawei Controversies and the Story of the Scorpion and the Frog: Peter Kent

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