Thursday, December 06, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: One-Eyed-Jack Law

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In this brutally honest portrait, Sergeant Michael Middleton--a now-retired veteran of the LAPD--tells the gripping tale of his two decades on some of the America's meanest streets.
One-Eyed-Jack Law: Victor Davis Hanson
FBI email chain may provide most damning evidence of FISA abuses yet: John Solomon
Grassley: Why Did FBI Raid Home of a Clinton Foundation Whistleblower?: Katie Pavlich

Our Ignorance of Socialism Is Dangerous: Walter E. Williams
Hirono: Democrats can't connect with voters because we know so much: Hot Air
Beto and Obama Reportedly Met to Discuss 2020 Election: Nicole Darrah

Appeals Court Upholds New Jersey High-Capacity Magazine Ban: Jack Crowe
Boulder Residents Given Days To 'Certify' Rifles Or Face Consequences: Tom Knighton
Countless Americans carry guns. Police are killing too many of them: LA TImes

Ronsday – Decline Of America: GOC
Rashida Tlaib Misrepresented Soros Stipend in Financial Disclosures: Joe Schoffstall
Steyer Says Republicans Have ‘Determination’ to Take Away ‘Equal Votes’: Todd Shepherd


The American Presidency Is in Xi's Hands: Roger L. Simon
Conservative Leaders Demand Congress Fund Border Wall: Ken Klukowski
Migrant caravans and the American taxpayer: Ned Ryun

Scandal Central

John Solomon Discusses Latest Spygate Developments With Sean Hannity: CTH
Sen. Graham Explains How Easy it Would Be for FBI, DOJ to Find Flynn Leaker: CTH
Mueller’s “Other Criminal Investigation” That Michael Flynn Has Supported: CTH

Cohen, Manafort Developments Don’t Show Any Illegal Conduct by Trump, His Campaign: Hans von Spakovsky
California's 'Grand Theft Election': Katy Grimes
Michael Flynn Is Helping The Government On 'Several' Cases, Which Ones?: Chuck Ross

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Bernie Sanders Saving The Climate, One Private Jet At A Time: Ed Morrissey


NYT Editorials About Deaths of Reagan, Bush Show Their Rank Partisanship: David Rutz
NBC News Affiliate: Bloomberg ‘Might Have a Tough Time Winning Over Some Iowans’: Cameron Cawthorne
Weekly Standard Expected to Close in Coming Weeks: Joe Simonson


Revolt in the streets is now inevitable: Richard Galustian
An Embattled Ukrainian Port City Braces for Russian ‘Economic Warfare’: Nolan Peterson
‘Europe is finished,’ leading lawyer says as he leaves UK for Israel: TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Google and Facebook cross 'The Creepy Line' of censorship every day: John Stossel
Mastercard and Microsoft have a frightening plan to create universal “digital identities”: FastCo
How to find out your Twitter interests list: Insider


Photos: Former President George H.W. Bush remembered in Washington: Victor I. Nava
Gigantic Unexplored Cave Found in Canada May Never Have Been Seen by Human Eyes: Peter Dockrill
Breathing Is Optional: How to Become an Underwater Torpedo: Eugene S. Robinson

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