Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: For the West to Live, ‘Equality’ Must Die

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This is the SEAL Leadership book we have been waiting for. Poignant, powerful, practical. A must read for every leader.
For the West to Live, ‘Equality’ Must Die: Selwyn Duke
Are We Facing a New Civil War or Just Continuing the Old One?: Ken Masugi
Civil War – The Necessary Conditions: Wilder

From fish beginning, Mueller case against Flynn ends in no jail time: Byron York
Flynn Sentencing Memo: Heavy Focus on Turkish Lobbying Issues…: CTH
Mueller memo: Michael Flynn 'has assisted with several ongoing investigations': Kelly Cohen

ISIS NYC New Year's Threat: 'Harvest Them with Silencers and Snipers': Bridget Johnson
US reconfigures border troops in response to shifting caravan routes: Anna Giaritelli
Caravan migrants begin to breach border as frustration with slow asylum process grows: Fox

A Compulsion to Disarm: The History of Grabby Governments Since 1026 BC: Survival
NRCC emails hacked before 2018 midterm elections: Naomi Lim
Bernie Sanders’s Campaign Spent $300k on Private Plane Travel in October: Brent Scher


Evil Is As Evil Does: The Government Education Complex: Bill Buppert
Dow closes 800 down points as bonds signal looming recession: James Langford
Border wall remains major holdup in spending talks: Laura Barrón-López

Scandal Central

Why is Michael Cohen prosecuted when Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and Lois Lerner were not?: Jason Chaffetz
If You’re Looking For Documented Evidence Of Vote Fraud In Broward County, Here It Is: Tim Brown
And Then There Was None – Bill Priestap Resigns: CTH

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Trump's EPA to move to make it easier to build new coal plants: Josh Siegel


“It’s not about personalities” – Mark Levin on CRTV and TheBlaze merger: Scoop
After Conservatism: The Z Man
Joe Scarborough: Trump Could Be Gone in Less Than a Year: Mark Finkelstein

Weekly Standard expected to shut down soon…: Scoop
Trump's tariff tweets tank markets, and maybe the economy: Quin Hillyer
Report: Joy Behar went berserk after shouting match with Meghan McCain on The View: Scoop


France at War: Unbelievable videos of the violent ‘State of Insurrection’: Scoop
Putin threatens new arms race with US: Pete Kasperowicz
U.S. Asserts Authority at NATO in Stinging Criticism: Adam Kredo

Panda -vs- Dragon: President Trump Tweets The Dynamic: CTH
Lindsey Graham: I feel 'played,' 'used' by Saudi crown prince: Katelyn Caralle
Graham: Saudi Crown Prince Is ‘Crazy’ and Complicit in Khashoggi’s Death: Mikhael Smits

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Apple Doubles Down on Censorship: Robert Kraychik
An Eye-Scanning Lie Detector Is Forging a Dystopian Future: WIRED
Google reportedly personalizes search results even when you're in incognito mode: Ivan Mehta


NeverTrump Groups Profit from Left-Wing Philanthropist’s Cash: Julie Kelly
Stanford Frat Told Their American Flag Was ‘Offensive’ By Admin, Hangs Much Bigger Flag: DC
Note To Big Tuna: Try Harder: MOTUS

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commoncents said...

Live Stream - Day three of former president George H.W. Bush's funeral

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we all had trouble understanding John Kerry in 2004 because of how much smarter than Bush he was and how "nuanced" his views were. When he finally released his transcript, it turned out that his grades at Yale, where both he and Bush had gone, and for the exact same degree, were actually LOWER than Bush's.