Sunday, March 14, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Biden administration deploying FEMA to assist with surge of migrant children at border

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Marine Corps Justice Series: Books 1-3
Biden deploying FEMA to assist with surge of migrant children at border: Jake Dima
Feinstein’s New Proposed Gun Control Bill Bans 205 DIfferent Hunting Weapons: Breitbart
Levin calls Biden faux 'Jonas Salk' after he takes credit for vaccine: Hannity

Pentagon’s Tucker Feud Proves It Doesn’t Even Exist To Win Wars Anymore: Revolver
Biden DOJ pick runs from BLM slogan of 'defund the police': Jerry Dunleavy
Pelosi says there's a 'humanitarian challenge' at the border and blames Trump: Mica Soellner

States launch legal effort after Biden drops Trump rule on immigrants on welfare: Adam Shaw
All Red States Must Join Gov. DeSantis to Restrain Big Tech: Roger L. Simon
Is It Time for Red States To Start Using Their Power to Nullify Federal Law?: CTH

A Generation Conditioned to Give Up Their Freedom: Jared Dyson
Feinstein Cites 'Domestic Terrorism' Behind Bill To Would Ban AR-15, 200 Other Guns: WJ
Has Joe Biden Sold America out to the Mexican Drug Cartels?: Wayne Allyn Root


As gas prices soar, Americans can blame Joe Biden: Liz Peek
Lockdown Every 2 Years for Climate Change: Armstrong
COVID And The Tyranny Of Comfort: Matt Purple

Scandal Central

Throwing the Book at Andrew Cuomo: Ben Stein
Police: Andrew Cuomo Might Be In Criminal Trouble: Tristan Justice
Explosive – Attorney Sidney Powell Alleges Kelly Loeffler Staffer, Harrison Deal, Was Murdered: CTH


Now Tucker Carlson Has Angered the Heavily Politicized U.S. Space Command: Jim Treacher
Lapdog Corrupt Media Coverage Of Biden’s Carteresque Speech Is Embarrassing: Mollie Hemingway
Welcome to Chiraq: Barstool Sports Reviews Pizza and Witnesses a Carjacking in Chicago: Megan Fox

The Report of Meghan Markle “Preparing a Bid To Become President” is Burying the Lede: CTH
The Numbers Are In: Trump’s Exit From The World Stage Led To A Network Ratings Bloodletting: Marlo Safi
Report: Amazon won’t sell books with opinions about transgenderism it doesn’t like: Lucas Nolan


FCC designates Huawei and four other Chinese tech companies as national security threats: Jerry Dunleavy
G-7 powers urge China to end 'oppression' in Hong Kong: ST
Kim Jong Un gives President Biden cold shoulder, unlike with Donald Trump: Elizabeth Elizalde

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Microsoft Responds to China Cyber Attack by Expanding Business in China: Yuichiro Kakutani
US Army’s laser machine gun can ‘vaporize’ targets: AT
We Can’t Let Free World 5G Infighting Give the Advantage to China: Steve Bucci


Choose your despotism wisely, Americans!: Cube
Here's How 30 Preppers Have Adapted And What They Foresee Happening Next: Daisy Luther
Beeple’s Opus: Available Free Or You Can Own the NFT For Just $69 Mil: MOTUS

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Anonymous said...

After being caught stealing millions an illegitimate geriatric pedophile with Alzheimers is running with scissors in the White House.
Why can not he and his fellow travelers be recalled?