Saturday, March 13, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: The Shameful Tragedy of Open Borders

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Marine Corps Justice Series: Books 1-3
The Shameful Tragedy of Open Borders: Josh Hammer
Public Health "Experts" Proclaim Pandemic Will Never End, Just Embrace “New Normal”: CTH
Fossilized Democrats push 'assault weapon' ban in new gun control bill: Evie Fordham, Fox

Hemingway: Biden Was ‘Ungracious’ In Dark, Threatening Speech: Jordan Davidson
Mark Levin rips Biden: 'disgusting, propagandistic' address to nation on Wuhan Virus: Fox
The Many Ways Biden Has Kicked Culture Wars Into Overdrive: GianCarlo Canaparo

Liberals Use COVID-19 Crisis to Achieve Anti-American Policy Goals: Steve Miller
Glenn Greenwald Testifies About Big Tech and Media Aligned Censorship: CTH
WH Press Secretary Can't Answer if Covid-Positive Illegal Aliens are Released: CTH


5 Charts Show Why Congress Must Stop Adding to National Debt: David Ditch
The Tax Hikes Tucked Into Biden’s Blue State Bailout Covid Relief Plan: Fiscal Times
The Social Costs of Carbon Cancelation: Paul Driessen

Scandal Central

Courts Repeatedly Refused To Consider Trump’s Election Claims On The Merits: Bob Anderson
Five of Andrew Cuomo's other biggest scandals: Nicholas Rowan
Cuomo Defiant Says He Will Not Resign: CTH

FBI’s Ridiculous “Capitol Siege Pipe Bomb” Video Is An All-Out Assault on Common Sense: Revolver
The Real Insurrection Effort in Portland Oregon, Rioters Set Fire to Federal Courthouse, Break Windows: CTH
Minneapolis City Council Agrees to Give Family of George Floyd $27 Million in Taxpayer Funded Settlement: CTH


Another Brilliant Limbaugh Invention: The Official Obama Criticizer: EIB
Biden's General Amnesia Gets Spiked: Tim Graham
Today’s blacklisted American: UConn student president ripped for defending free speech: Robert Zimmerman


WHO investigator defends Wuhan lab and blames lack of access on ‘anti-China political rhetoric’: Jerry Dunleavy
Here’s What Biden’s Supply Chain Executive Order Means For U.S. Businesses: Sarah Hansen
Australia: 23% of Muslims want caliphate, 19% say jihad is offensive, not just defensive: Robert Spencer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Did The Shutdowns Save Lives? A Year Later, Statistical Analysis Suggests Not: Chuck DeVore
2 New States Required for Democrats to Keep Power, Data Expert Says: Fred Lucas
The Unexpected Case of the Disappearing Flu: M.G. Sunde


Wok On: Short Order Chinese Cooking Done Right: American Digest
Fun Friday Afternoon: Woodsterman
The Real Reason…: MOTUS

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