Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Top 20 Tweets from BadBlue Tonight, 03.31.21: Get Ready To Have Your Taxes Doubled Edition

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Curated by BadBlue News, last bastion of uncensored news


commoncents said...

Video - The Right View with President Donald J Trump and Lara Trump

Anonymous said...

Re #6: Assume that everyone in DC is compromised until proven otherwise.

Kompromat take many forms, from the grainy black-and-white film of that motel tryst to the recording of some indiscretion to actual receipts of shady financial or tax doings.

There are enough rumblings about numerous high profile cases that some legitimate investigative journalist could interview, research and document the rot.

Fantasy idea: Have each elected or appointed official swear an oath about the presence or absence of any such material, and think of it as a loyalty oath to the American people, and the Republic and flag for which they Stand.

bart simpsonson said...

Personally, I do not care about Biden housing however many kids in a pod designed for 32. These "unaccompanied" children should be sent back immediately to Mexico, where surely their parents or mothers are waiting in the bushes to come to America to claim the children. The REAL problem is letting them enter the US in the first place, and THAT is Mehico's doing. They DID NOT walk from Guatemala or wherever on their own. 99 44/100 of them have NO legitimate claim of asylum anyway. I do NOT blame them for wanting to come to America. I blame our totes-crooked government for not closing our border to them, in the same way that Canada has closed its border to me, a property-owning, property tax-paying American supporting Ontario with same.