Monday, March 15, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: NGOs Criticize Biden As He Flies Illegal Migrants Across Texas, Dumps Them In El Paso

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Marine Corps Justice Series: Books 1-3
NGOs Rip Biden As He Flies Illegal Migrants Across Texas, Dumps Them In El Paso: Hot Air
Southern border crisis might sink Biden immigration plan: W. James Antle III
Sunday Talks, Texas Governor Greg Abbott Discusses Crisis at The Border: CTH

Will FBI ‘Chats’ Send Conservatives To Prison?: James Bovard
It’s time for Red States to start nullifying federal law: Steve Baldwin
4D chess, hidden agendas, and one-party rule: Tim Jones

Expert: China Knows It Can Release Viruses And Not Be Held Accountable: OAN
Abrams Calls GOP 'Domestic Enemies' Trying To Bring Back Jim Cow Crow: Emily Jashinsky
Democrats Will Blame Trump for Every Problem They Create for Next 20 Years: Rick Moran


After virus bonanza, Democrats readying massive infrastructure bill: Susan Ferrechio
Congressional Democrats push a job-killing law even Californians couldn't stand: Examiner
We Hear You: Black Lives Matter Threatens Our Schools: Ken McIntyre

Scandal Central

The January 6th ‘Insurrection’ that Wasn’t: Ron Wright
FBI Uses SWAT Team, Armored Vehicles, Armed Troops to Arrest Man Who Attended Capitol Hill Protest: CTH
Easy to Vote, but Hard to Cheat’: Iowa Passes Major Election Legislation: Rachel del Guidice

Our woke military leadership thought they would benefit from the prior default support normals had: Kurt Schlichter
Kash Patel Discusses The Dangerous Politicization of Our Military: CTH
Cuomo's Top Vaccine Official Called County Officials To Gauge Their Support For Fredo’s Brother: Gothamist


The Chinese TV commercial that the NBA doesn’t want its players to see: Thomas Lifson
Propaganda, Chris Wallace and Anthony Fauci Edition: CTH
Insane Chuck Todd floats to Fauci the idea that more pandemics 'inevitable' due to climate change: Emma Colton


Prelude to a Kiss? State Dept. to ‘intensify’ inquiry into Cuban sonic attacks: Carlos Eire
Pompeo warns that Biden rejoining Iran accord would be bad for Middle East: Mark Moore
World leaders want to adopt China’s nefarious system to determine credit using a person’s internet history: LSN

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Four hidden ways Big Tech platforms suck up your data: Nihal Krishnan
Chinese Technology Platforms Operating In The United States: Hoover
Bitcoin Falls Sharply After Mysterious $1bn BTC Transfer to Gemini Exchange: Yashu Gola


That's (Almost ) All, Folks!: Mark Steyn
Crowded Control: Stilton’s Place
Let’s Be Careful Out There, Peeps: MOTUS

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Anonymous said...

Strong recommendation for 100 million Americans to watch "Max Manus Man of War".
and each edict from the Biden team must be greeted with the name given Joe from the military: "Bite Me", we want a recall - and we'll count all the votes thank you.