Saturday, March 06, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Power and Political Investigations: The Democrat Roadmap

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FlashFish 200W Portable Power Station Solar Generator with 110V AC Outlet/2 DC Ports/3 USB Ports
Power and Political Investigations: The Democrat Roadmap: Techno Fog
With Border Crisis Growing, Biden Renaming Detention Centers to "Reception Centers": Ace
Biden Turning ICE Facilities into Super-spreader 'Rapid-Processing' Centers: Bob Price

President Donald Trump Releases Statement on Border Crisis Biden Has Created: CTH
CDC lets child migrant shelters fill to 100% despite COVID concern: Stef W. Kight
White House scrambles on immigration, blames Trump, and calls in first lady: Naomi Lim

Mo Brooks: H.R. 1 Would Make Our Elections Akin to North Korea's: Robert Kraychik
Greenwald: Left's Narrative of Permanent Threats Will Expand Mass Surveillance: RCP
DC Will Remain Under Military Occupation As Long As Pelosi Rules: Tristan Justice

Barack Obama Has Now Been President Longer than FDR: Ayad Rahim
Team Obama Continues Clearing the Field: Cuomo, Then Clinton, Perhaps Newsom: CTH
Report: President Trump Positioning Resources and Strategy to Destroy DeceptiCons: CTH


Federal Workers Scoring Massive Perks In COVID Relief Bill: Jazz Shaw
The stealth Obamacare expansion: Examiner
Nothing says 'America is back' like taking someone's job away: Salena Zito

Scandal Central

Will Senate confirm Communist Party-backed Deb Haaland as Biden’s Secretary of Interior?: Cliff Kincaid
Cuomo Accuser: Cuomo Quizzed Me About Sex, Including If I Ever Had Sex with Older Men: Ace
Black Lives Matter pressured to hand over millions of dollars: Joseph Simonson

Book-Burners at YouTube Delete Donald Trump's CPAC Speech, Suspend RSBN Channel: Allum Bokhari
Rosenstein Now Admits Recording Trump Was Discussed with Andrew McCabe: CTH
LOL: Eric Fang-Bang Swalwell Sues Trump, Claiming Trump Gave Him "Severe Emotional Distress": Ace


Do Not Let The Washington Post Raise Your Sons: Mark Judge
Democrat Sits Bravely on Capitol Steps to "Send a Message" to Q, Others Not Planning Armed Insurrection: Ace
Glenn Greenwald Says ‘I Consider Tucker Carlson To Be A Socialist’: DC


Texas Democratic Rep: 'We Are Weeks, Maybe Even Days Away From a Crisis on the Southern Border': Rick Moran
India Threatens Facebook, Twitter & Google Employees With Jail: WSJ
How the Pentagon Got Inside ISIS’ Chemical Weapons Operation—and Ended It: Joby Warrick

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Stop Throwing Money Down F-35 'Rathole,' Top Lawmaker Says: Oriana Pawlyk
Bidding Reaches $1.5M as Twitter’s Dorsey Lists the First-Ever Tweet on NFT Platform: Coindesk
Is Apple Buying Bitcoin? Separating Facts From Fiction: Ollie Leech


Clinton Aide Doug Band Flips, Implicates Boss in Pedophile Ring Probe: Niamh Harris
Governor Cuomo Capitalizes On Sex Scandal With New Romance Novel: Babylon Bee
Friday Night Blights: MOTUS

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Can you add links from Creeping Sharia?

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Biden stacking hi-level positions in admin with Muslims & terrorist-apologists (updated)