Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Democrats Instantly Exploit Boulder Jihadist Attack to Push Gun Grab

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Marine Corps Justice Series: Books 1-3
Democrats Instantly Exploit Boulder to Push Gun Grab: Moonbattery
Making Americans Your Enemies: Kyle Shideler
Soros-funded radical DAs 'are killing our cities': WND

Democrat Candidate Sends Picture Of Klan Hood To Candace Owens: Ashley Carnahan
Biden’s Disaster: Human smugglers bringing more children to the border: Laura Gottesdiener
GOP Furious After DHS Releases Migrants into US Without Court Dates: Hannity

No statehood for DC. Do this change instead: Examiner
The Iowa steal: To Democrats, 'democracy' means unbridled majority power: Examiner
Is the Filibuster a 'Jim Crow Relic' To Be Abolished For "Democracy"?: Jacob Sullum (7/20)

Alleged Boulder Shooter Is a Trump-Hating Muslim With ISIS Ties: Tristan Justice
Boulder Shooter is ISIS Sympathizer, Leftists Hardest Hit: Robert Spencer
Ahmad al Aliwi Alissa isn't a 'white man,' so can we assume what motivated him?: Eddie Scarry


Social Cost of Carbon and Climate Sensitivity: Model Manipulation at Its Finest: Patrick J. Michaels
Study: California second to last in taxpayer return on investment: Dan McCaleb
"Going To Get Ugly" - Global Plastic Shortage Triggered By Texas Deep Freeze: ZH

Scandal Central

Democrats’ Operative Got Secret Internet Connection at Wisconsin Election Center, Emails Show: M.D. Kittle
The Feds’ Bogus Violent Extremists: Julie Kelly
‘I Can’t Serve My Country Anymore’: Former DEA Agent Says He Was Fired For Attending Jan. 6 Rally: Virginia Kruta

Election ‘Safety’ Grants May Have Swung Arizona to Biden, Report Finds: Fred Lucas
Leaked Docs: Obama FTC Gave Google Its Monopoly After Execs Helped Obama Get Re-Elected: Rachel Bovard
How Did Susan Rice Make As Much As $149 Million?: Daniel Greenfield


Facebook Scrubs Page Showing Supermarket Shooter Was a Muslim Anti-Trump Nutjob: Summit
Boulder Suspect’s Anti-Trump Posts Uncovered: Obliterate ‘Right-Wing Extremist’ Claims: BeckerNews
Kylie Jenner, Billionaire, Asks Fans To Donate To Her Injured Makeup Artist’s GoFundMe: Christina Marfice

Leftwing Propaganda Organs Begin Dying Post-Trump -- Especially CNN: Ace
Kristi Noem Exposes Herself as a Vapid, Sinecure-Seeking Corporate Whore on Tucker Carlson: Ace
Kamala Harris, Bill Clinton to hold talk on pandemic's impact on women: The Shill


North Korea fires off short-range missiles after warning Biden administration not to cause 'a stink': Breck Dumas
An Alaskan Bump in the US-China Road: Sam Olsen
Picking Up Where Trump Left Off, Biden Threatens Sanctions On Germany For Nord Stream 2: ZH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

A data-based broad look at the entire COVID epidemic, one year later: Robert Zimmerman
Disgruntled IT Contractor Sentenced in Retaliatory Office 365 Attack: Dark Reading
An Entrepreneur Sees a Profitable Future in 5G Technology: Newley Purnell


Hugs, Smiles, Awe, and This Past Weekend's Celebration of Life: Tessa Lena
The Nazi-Fighting Women of the Jewish Resistance: Judy Batalion
Throwback Thursday, Tuesday Edition: MOTUS

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