Monday, March 08, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Want to understand why we’re so divided?

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Want to understand why we’re so divided?: Ted Cruz
Fomenting Race Wars: Linda Goudsmit
Senator Lindsey Graham Deploys UniParty Outrage Chaff and Countermeasures: CTH

Dan Crenshaw shares border videos, says situation is 'unstable': Michael Lee
John Ratcliffe: “Biden Created the Border Crisis, Biden Owns The Border Crisis”: CTH
Do We Even Have A Republic Anymore?: Kurt Schlichter

Vote Secede Harderer: Cold Fury
Supreme Court Dismisses ‘Sanctuary City’ Cases at Request of Biden’s DOJ: Tom Ozimek
Biden's stop-work order on border: 'We just built roads for the cartels': Times

Late census data put House 2022 campaigns in limbo: Mica Soellner
Claimed value of sleepy NY estate could come to haunt Trump: Times
A New Zealander’s 9 ‘Starter Steps’ to Save America From Socialism: Trevor Loudon


Biden Cripples Natural Gas Production: OAN
Boebert: Pelosi, Schumer serving up pork – here's how they plan to fund their liberal wish list: Lauren Boebert
Sen. Rand Paul Has a Very Good Question About the US After Venezuela’s Currency Update: Leah Barkoukis

Scandal Central

Mich. Judge Reinstates Voting Fraud Case Following Forensic Probe Of Dominion Voting Machines: OAN
Obama Ain’t Playin’: Dem New York State Senate Majority Leader Calls on Cuomo To Resign: Bradley Cortright
Lauren Witzke said it’s ‘demonic’ to say ‘little girls are also kinky.’ Twitter banned her for it.: Lorie Wimble

John Solomon Tick Tocks John Durham for Another Six to Eight Weeks: CTH
Liberal Reporter Asks a Very Simple Question of Big Tech Regarding COVID: Matt Vespa
Cuomo: You’ll Have To Impeach Me: Jazz Shaw


Twitter Suspends Raheem Kassam AGAIN After Mocking Biden YouTube Audience Size.: Natalie Winters
States take lead from Congress on reining in Big Tech: Nihal Krishan
Audio Recording Allegedly Shows Rush Propst Discussing Georgia Football Players Taking Money: David Hookstead


US Warns Israel Against Military Action; Threatens Defunding: JPost
China Goes to War With the U.S. At Least 30,000 Organizations Hacked Via Holes in Email Software: Brian Krebs
Three Trump Foreign Policy Successes Biden Is Undoing : Joel B. Pollak

Translation Of Chinese Speeches Offers Insight Into What Xi Really Wants: RS
Are We Back To Sending Pallets Of Cash To Iran?: Jazz Shaw
At least 15 dead and over 400 wounded as series of explosions rock Equatorial Guinea: Jake Dima

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Robot Motherships To Launch Drone Swarms From Sea, Underwater, Air And Near-Space: Forbes
Virginia's new data privacy law shows why consumers need federal legislation: Edward Longe
Can an Active Lifestyle Help Ward Off Alzheimer’s?: Han Yu, WSJ


Jeff Bezos' ex-wife MacKenzie Scott, worth $53 billion, marries private school science teacher following 2019 divorce: Daily Mail
Followup on a Water/Gas Valve Shutoff Tool: BattleSwarm
Switzerland bans face coverings in narrow vote: Carly Roman

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Anonymous said...

Now that Joe Biden is President and the Virus is going away it would be wise for Governors like Jay Inslee to understand that they have locked their Residents into the Stockholm Syndrome. Politicians think things are returning to normal but there must be a recognition of these facts: "Adapting to Stockholm Syndrome, has both psychological and neurobiological repercussions. This means that latent genetic predispositions and vulnerabilities can emerge (anxiety, violence, or depression) which determine one's ongoing functioning. In the aftermath of trauma bonding, it is inevitable to experience symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder."

People effected by this will tell you that their anger, their rage is white hot and they want retribution for wrongs done to them. Class Action lawsuits may help but there must be a recognition by Politicians that they have corrupted the psyche of hundreds of millions of Americans.