Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: The U.S. Military Just Became A Political Attack Machine Against Joe Biden’s Opponents

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Marine Corps Justice Series: Books 1-3
Our Military Just Became A Political Attack Machine Against Biden’s Opponents: Patrick Swan
No, Virginia, Obama’s Not Running the Show: Jack Cashill
Border crisis threatens Biden's political “momentum”: Jonathan Easley

Governed By Geezers: Z Man
Suspected terrorists caught exploiting border crisis, GOP leaders say: Aaron Feis
Democrats set to take up pair of amnesty bills amid southern border surge: Susan Ferrechio

8 Ways That HR 1 Vote Fraud Act Imperils Free and Fair Elections: Hans von Spakovsky
Ted Cruz Calls Out Pentagon for ‘Inappropriate’ Attacks on Fox Host: Fred Lucas
Covert Biden Admin Border Tour Continues with No Media Allowed: Randy Clark

Will Left’s Violent Tendencies Lead To U.S. Breakup Or Dictatorship?: I&I
Bracken: There’s No Need for Door-To-Door Confiscation Once Democrats Ban Guns: TTAG
$200 billion in unemployment aid may have gone to fraudsters in pandemic: Denitsa Tsekova


Insane, Left-Wing SEC takes step toward requiring companies to disclose emissions and climate risks: Abby Smith
Biden plans biggest spending binge since Lyndon Johnson: W. James Antle III
Biden set to significantly raise taxes and spend trillions: M. Dowling

Scandal Central

Dems to introduce a bill to make DC a state and the filibuster is in danger: M. Dowling
Media Fabricated Fake Quotes From Trump’s Phone Call With GA Sec. Of State’s Office: Jordan Davidson
Judge signals he may unseal Fulton County absentee ballots for fraud investigation: Kaelan Deese


Facebook Insider: “I’m working for a company that’s doing a lot of damage in the world.”: SDA
Democracy Dies in Hidden Retractions of “Errors” Constructed By Washington Bezos Post to Push Dem Agenda: CTH
Why you haven't seen photos from inside migrant facilities: Anna Giaritelli

Shadowy Firm Uses New York Times to Spread Disinformation About Epoch Times: Epoch Times
Washington Post: Hey, Sorry These Headline-Grabbing Quotes By President Trump Were Made Up: John Sexton
Wash Post Concedes It Misquoted Trump's Call With Georgia Official: NewsMax


Biden Can Trigger a Regional War by Reviving the Nuclear Deal: Majid Rafizadeh
Largest Pro-Israel Group in US Launches Ads Against Biden Pentagon Pick: Alana Goodman
Kim Jong Un's sister warns Biden administration against 'causing a stink': Haley Victory Smith


Miami Janitor Quietly Feeds Thousands, And Love's The Reason: Sunny Skyz
Rare Sighting of Twin Albino Deer: Rumble
I’ll Probably Have Chicken Tacos Today: MOTUS

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I love optimism and Jesse sure has got it. I also love Realityville(as Rush used to say) and he ain't in it.