Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: America's Political Prisoners

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America's Political Prisoners: Mark Steyn
Andrew Cuomo’s shameless $5.12M payday profiting from the pandemic: Post
Gretchen Whitmer Story Unravels: FL Plane Not Authorized for Charter Flights: Kyle Olson

The inconvenience of left-wing antisemitism: Barry Ziman
Bernie Sanders' Attack on US Defense Spending Gets the Facts Wrong: Frederico Bartels
Voters Excoriate Biden’s Israel Policy: Paul Bedard

On the World Stage, America Is Being Tested: Conrad Black
Hopes, fears of Roe v. Wade reversal rekindled by new SCOTUS case: W. James Antle III
Supreme Court Strikes Down Warrantless Gun Seizure 9-0: BattleSwarm


SCOTUS Revives Energy Company Federal Appeal in Climate Change Case: Janita Kan
What's your state's taxpayer return on investment?: Examiner
Texas, Indiana, Oklahoma to End Federal Unemployment Benefits in June: TET

Scandal Central

On the January 2017 Felony Leaks: Techno Fog
Palm Beach prosecutor says FL governor can't stop Trump from being extradited to NY if indicted: Kaelan Deese
Joe Biden sparks ethics questions by hiring relatives of senior staffers: Naomi Lim

Giuliani lawyers question legitimacy of search warrants: Mica Soellner
Maricopa County Calls for End of 2020 Election Audit: Zachary Stieber
Train Carrying Fertilizer and Ammonium Nitrate Derails in Iowa, Town Evacuated, Railway Disabled: CTH


Feminist Confesses: "I'm All For Feminism, But It's Making It Hard to Date": Ace
Lara Logan: Propagandists and ‘Political Assassins’ Have Infected the Media: TET
News Photos: Years of Meetings Between Bloomberg Execs, CCP Propagandists in Beijing: Alexander Marlow


As Iran's Mullahs Incite Hamas Terrorism, Biden Administration Wants Sanctions Lifted: Majid Rafizadeh
Venezuelans fleeing repression showing up in record numbers at Mexican border: Anna Giaritelli
Scientists let go from National Microbiology Laboratory amid RCMP investigation: Karen Pauls

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Biden to pitch his $174 bln electric vehicle payoff to China plan in Michigan: Reuters
Is China's Digital Currency a National Security Threat? What You Need to Know: Virginia Allen
Navy Pilots Recall UFO Encounters: ‘There’s Something Out There That Was Better Than Our’ Tech: Samuel Allegri


This was a test, and we failed: Jim Quinn
My Search for Funding Through Sponsorship Continues: American Digest
If You’re So Rich Why Aren’t You Smart?: MOTUS

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"This was a test..." is a very good article. I think everybody knows a second shoe is about to drop. Disinformation and confusion were sown by Obama and Joe is reaping that harvest. Make no mistake, we are financially screwed.
More people have died from virus prohibitions, isolations, and business destructions than than anybody ever dreamed. Americans are white hot with rage now toward these minders and their overreach. Nuremberg type trials are needed, Inslee, Whitmer and Cuomo would be smart to move to France.