Friday, May 28, 2021

Top 20 Tweets from BadBlue Tonight, 05.28.21: "Don't Set Anyone Off" Edition

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Anonymous said...

The Hair Sniffer in Chief was back at it remarking about a six year olds barrettes and crossed legs. There's nowhere in America I know of where such talk is normative. "Let go Joe Biden, you're hurting me".
This MoFo and the Camel he rode in on have got to go.

The Gipper Lives said...

Like our Founders, we wish to avoid violent revolution at all costs--except at the cost of slavery. We wish to be free at all costs, too. Yet we see no sign of the Ruling Class stepping away from their Corruption and Tyranny. If anything, they're doubling down.

We thought these issues were settled. We thought we had a Constitution guaranteeing basic Rights, limiting Government power and establishing Honest Elections and the Rule of Law. We thought we had built institutions to safeguard our liberties. None of that is true.

The Constitution is toilet paper. New Rights are invented out of thin air while Ancient Rights are suppressed. Elections are Rigged. The Rule of Law is in civilizational freefall. The Government is Unlimited by almost any principle except rote habit, and they're working on that. And all the institutions we built to protect our liberties have turned inward to attack those liberties.

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction," said President Reagan--but now, we're down to less than a generation. Elections are what civilized people do instead of fighting it out in the streets. If you take that away, what is left? Installing the losers by Election Fraud is the very opposite of the representative government which is our Right.

But instead of promising to provide honest elections going forward, the Stepford Stalinists insist that nothing is wrong, nothing even more Election Fraud won't cure.

And most Republicans act like the loss of self-rule by the People is just some little glitch and a great fund-raising hook.

The Reckoning Awaits.

Anonymous said...

"we can know for sure that our anger or indignation is righteous when it is directed toward what angers God Himself. Righteous anger and indignation are justly expressed when we are confronted with sin. Good examples would be anger toward child abuse, pornography, racism, homosexual activity, abortion and the like."

"Self righteous indignation does not gain energy by thoughts of revenge, it is powered by the frustration that the offender got away with it. Acts of revenge are powered by reward oriented behavior. Indignation gains its power from territorial instincts."

And alas, how much of this is a white man's burden?

MMinWA said...

Sersly Jim?? That's your mean tweet for the day??? Hunter Biden's laptop proving the Big Guy's compliancy. That was only revealed BEFORE THE ELECTION. Lord, talk about irrelevance. Could we have a more useless Republican Party?

Oh BTW Captain Obvious, any information about that was banned from being dissemianted on social media and from you?