Monday, May 03, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: A Manifesto for the Based

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Posture Corrector For Men And Women - USA Patented Design - Adjustable Upper Back Brace
A Manifesto for the Based: James Lindsay
Chinese Leader Xi Lays out Plan to Control Global Internet: The Epoch Times
Felons, detainees released to the streets, not being picked up by Biden's ICE: Yami Virgin

Dem Cori Bush praises vote to defund STL police as city named 7th most violent: Paul Sacca
Sunday Talks, Maria Bartiromo Discusses Border Invasion With Governor Greg Abbott: CTH
Biden Prepares For Stealth Food Stamp Increase Of Up To 20% Without Congress: ZH

Americans Unite: Michael Anton
What Creates Leftism? Affluence Plus Secularism: Dennis Prager
Maricopa County 2020 election audit expanding as liaison says 'no deadline': Kaelan Deese


Believe Science: Get Vaccinated. Then Relax.: Bari Weiss
Biden administration looking to capture carbon from gas and manufacturing: Abby Smith
Critical Race Theory Drives Students Apart. Idaho Had Enough.: Jonathan Butcher

Scandal Central

The 14 Most Troubling Obama And Kerry Lies About The JCPOA Iran Nuke Deal: LidBlog
The Deep State is Back: Christopher Roach
Former Security Adviser: John Kerry Undermined Trump in Unapproved Iran Talks: Epoch

Pentagon whistleblower warns of UFO intelligence failure; Tucker reacts: Tucker Carlson
State Department Denies Reports of Iran Prisoner Swap for $7 Billion in Unfrozen Funds: Tom Ozimek
The Next Phase of Covid Vaccination: Public Pressure and “You Are Selfish”: CTH


The Giuliani Walk Back Gets Worse and Exposes Collusion in Mainstream Press: Brad Slager
The Left Continues to Destroy Itself and Others With Evidence-Free Destruction of Reputations: Greenwald
How a $3,700 Ad Campaign May Have Saved the United States Senate: Jeff Crouere


North Korea Slams "Intolerable" Biden Comments, Lashes Out At "Human Wastes" In South Korea: ZH
10 Years Ago Today SEALs Killed Bin Laden, but Now the Local Doctor Who Helped Sits in Prison: RS
Just an FYI: A 21-ton Chinese rocket is kinda sorta going to come down... nobody knows where. Carry on.: NTB

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Florida scuba divers discover 50-pound Ice Age mammoth bone in river: Fox
Scientists use Venus as a disco ball to unravel mysteries of its spin: Steph Panecasio
Is there anything beyond the universe?: Paul Sutter


PragerU Provides an Antidote to the Left’s Poisonous Education Agenda: Rob Bluey
“Interview with legendary Simpsons writer John Swartzwelder is the best thing you’ll read today”: Mike Sacks
Giddy-up Space Cowgirl: MOTUS


Anonymous said...

There are 2.3 million households in WA State and I believe Dr. Jay Inslee is responsible for loss in each one of them. The flu has been absent this past year and there have been 5,500 deaths from Covid here.
Only a RAT would choose to kill 418 people for every 1 taken by a virus and call that "loving and compassionate".
Nuremberg type trials are in order.

Anonymous said...

How many more human sacrifices will be needed to appease the Virus?

Anonymous said...

I hear from the BGN (Bill Gates Network) that Malinda has split because she despised engineered food, didn't want to be a farmer, and was troubled with the reptilian characteristics Bill was adapting.
She has committed her now single life to living in a trailer by the river, RNA extraction to restore purity to Vaxers DNA, and will be working with Trans therapies to reverse poor decision making. She declares "I am not a lesbian" and may consider political office after consulting with Hillary Rodman.