Saturday, May 29, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Following the Politics, Not the Science

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LEATHERMAN, Skeletool Lightweight Multitool: Combo Knife & Bottle Opener
Following the Politics, Not the Science: Joel Zinberg
DeSantis Admin Fires Warning Shot over Vaccine Passports on Cruises: Hannah Bleau
Woke Imperialism: Nate Hochman

Will the Madness of 2020 Last?: Victor Davis Hanson
President Trump Swings Back at Paul Ryan and the DeceptiCons: CTH
Investigator: AG Barr Told Him to Stop Investigating Election Fraud Claims: ElectionWiz

Biden Budget Slashes Border Security Infrastructure From $1.5 Billion to $54 Million: CTH
Biden's plan to stop mining critical minerals 'irresponsible': Abby Smith
Joe Biden’s COVID-19 Adviser Says Origins Of Virus Is Not The Real Issue: OAN


Venezuelan Migrant Rips Americans Who ‘Don’t Know Reality Of Socialism’: Jon Brown
Six takeaways from Biden's budget proposal: Sarah Westwood
11 States Consider Bans on Teaching Critical Race Theory: Fred Lucas

Scandal Central

Biden transition official's company "advised" contractor handed millions to house migrants: Anna Giaritelli
Fauci once argued for risky viral experiments — even if they can lead to pandemic: Gabrielle Fonrouge
Sen. John Kennedy Continues To Scrutinize Wuhan Lab Funding: OAN

Biden’s Russian Collusion: Deroy Murdock
Madison Becomes Last of Wisconsin’s 5 Largest Cities to Face Election Complaint: M.D. Kittle
Sergei Millian: An American Legend: TWPundit


Creepy Joe Returns to Deliver Inappropriate Comments to Little Girl on Stage: CTH
UK Home Secretary admits that ‘the concept of open borders’ is flawed: JihadWatch
Santorum Firing Shows CNN Has No Interest in Serious Political Debates: Tim Graham


China stacking Indo-border with advanced weapons: AT
China Isn’t Winning. The West Is Forfeiting.: Ben Shapiro
Canada’s Jews reeling after wave of antisemitic attacks sparked by Gaza conflict: David Lazarus

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Sharri Markson: Dr. Fauci Restarted Gain of Function Research After Obama Admin. Stopped it: CTH
We Likely Paid the Ultimate Price for Fauci's Gain-of-Function Research, but Saw None of the Alleged Benefits: RS
Russian hackers penetrated USAID to spy on human-rights groups: Microsoft: Ed Morrissey


The Great White Nope: Stilton’s Place
Show’s Over!: Earl of Taint
In Which Our White Fragility Is Exposed…*: MOTUS


The Gipper Lives said...

Top Ten Andy Cuomo Pick-Up Lines

10. "If you play your cards right, Grammie can get off of the Green Mile at Happy Acres Rest Home."

9. "Would you like to come upstairs to my secret penthouse and get jabbed?"

8. "See that giant white boat with the Red Cross? That's my yacht."

7. "If your car won't start, I keep a pair of jumper cables on my nipples."

6. "That song "In a New York Minute"? It's about me."

5. "Say hello to my little Guido!"

4. "You just passed the Don Lemon sniff-test, baby!"

3. "Put on these black pajamas. We're going to burn down Schenectady tonight."

2. "Say the word and I can put you, me and Stetler in the back of a '68 Camaro at the all-night Krispy Kreme Drive-Thru. Are you jelly or creme-filled?"

And the #1 Andy Cuomo Pick-Up Line:

"I know Chris Christie!"

commoncents said...

Ric Edelman - 29 Financial Tips for your money

Deserttrek said...

Prevent the next pandemic?
In reality there has not been one. Between the media, spinless governments and chinese propaganda, a fake pandemic was creted.
Has china tried to poison the world? Yes
Are they trying to do in India with a new pathogen? Yes
Stop believing covid is a deadly virus, it is not