Monday, May 10, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Free Speech Inc.: Democrats support Big Tech’s right to censor people, but not the rights of a cake shop

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Democrats back Big Tech’s right to censor people, but ignore rights of a cake shop: Turley
Obama and Pritzker exposed as utter frauds on gerrymandering in Illinois: John Ruberry
McCarthy Discusses Removal of Liz Cheney From Conference Leadership: CTH

How ‘Woke’ May Be Leading Us to Civil War: Roger L. Simon
Victor Davis Hanson: We Must Fight Corporate America's Assaults: Katie Jerkovich
Tapper presses Biden official: why must vaccinated people wear masks?: Lawrence Richard

Border Residents: We're Paying Criminal Costs Because of Biden’s Policies.: Shea Garrison
Homeless Camps Are Taking Over the West Coast: Kevin Downey Jr.
OR Cop Investiged For “Extremism”: He Carried ‘Molon Labe’ Key Chain: CTH


China's emissions now exceed developed world's total output: ST
‘Dude, Where’s My Workforce?’: I&I
Jobs disappointment traces back to Joe Biden's stimulus: Examiner

Scandal Central

Matt Gaetz says USPS 'covert operations program' is 'classic government': Carly Roman
In COVID-19 Era, Authorities Chose Gamesmanship Over Honesty: Neil Patel
Kaitlan Collins forgot the media was leaked a Top Secret FISA application on 3-17-2017: @TheLastRefuge2

Gingrich: “There Was No Question” all of the Close Battleground States Were Stolen in 2020 Election: GWP
The Data Shows There’s No Voter Suppression: Hans von Spakovsky
Democrats Should Worry about British Labour’s Collapse: John Judis


NPR ripped for 'openly admitting' Big Tech interference in elections: Cortney O'Brien
Top Facebook official says social media companies are 'not bound by the First Amendment': Mica Soellner
Mickey Mouse Goes Woke and Customers Don't Like It: Rick Moran

Melinda Gates Warned Bill About Jeffrey Epstein: Daily Beast
We Hear You: Voter ID, Clean Elections, and the Electoral College: Ken McIntyre
The Pirate Who Jump-Started an Empire: Larry Thornberry


Astonishing advice from Beijing's mouthpiece: bomb Australia if Canberra supports US action: Daily Mail
One Mosque Built, One Christian Monument Destroyed Every Two Weeks In Modern France.: Catherine Saldago
Why France is losing one religious building every two weeks: Solène Tadié

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

EU Has Not yet Ordered More AstraZeneca Vaccines, Says Internal Market Commissioner: TET
Why Models Can’t Predict Temperature: A History Of Failure: WUWT
Meet the software engineer who used crypto to buy his $650,000 dream home: Jacob Passy


Kentucky Derby Winner Fails Drug Test, Renewing Scrutiny For Trainer Bob Baffert: National Pubic Radio
The Rhodes Scholarship Turns Against Its Legacy of Excellence: David Satter
From the Vault: The M-Word: Stilton’s Place

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Average Joe Bro said...

If companies like Disney have decided that white people are inherently racist, then they should lead the way by no longer taking money from their inherently racist white customers and ban them from all Disney theme parks completely. That would definitely make them the wokest of the woke and a shining example to all the other suddenly woke companies....