Friday, May 14, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Mark Levin slams Biden for creating crises: 'He's a human pandemic'

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Mark Levin slams Biden for creating crises: 'He's a human pandemic': Fox
Manchin: I'll kill the Democrats' vote-fraud bill: Ed Morrissey
Muslim Brotherhood Praises Dems for Abandoning Israel in Time of War: Adam Kredo

Marjorie Taylor Greene demands of AOC, "Why do you support terrorists?": Karen Townsend
Republicans call for resolution to condemn Hamas for 'acts of terrorism' against Israel: Fox
Biden needs to tell Democrats that Hamas is the bad guy: Examiner

Anti-Semitic Liberals voice displeasure with Biden over Israel conflict: Sarah Westwood
DeSantis promises blanket pardon for mask, distancing prosecutions -- on air: Ed Morrissey
CCP Virus Deaths Hit 10-month Low in the United States: Tom Ozimek


Joebama Economy Hits America’s Neediest First: $7 Gas In Virginia: Fox 5
Five telltale signs that inflation is upon us: Nihal Krishan
Africans, Caribbeans Flock to ‘Systemically Racist’ US: Deroy Murdock

Scandal Central

Pentagon Surveilling Americans Without a Warrant, Senator Reveals: Joseph Cox
Republicans demand answers about Biden administration no-bid contracts for housing migrants: Anna Giaritelli
Biden HUD secretary receives warning for Hatch Act violation: Haley Victory Smith

Dominion, Maricopa County Rebuff Arizona Senate’s Attempt to Get Election Machine Passwords: Zachary Stieber
Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward Provides Update on Maricopa County Ballot Audit: CTH
Maricopa: State Senate Asks County Officials to Testify About Deleted Files, Voting Machine Manipulation: CTH


How Court-Packing Power Grab Endangers Rights, Threatens Nation’s Foundations: Rep. Ted Budd
Dominion Voting Systems calls Maricopa election audit an 'irresponsible act': Kaelan Deese
Team Biden’s Rigid Control of the Press: Tim Graham


IDF deception leads to massive aerial assault on Hamas’s ‘Metro’: JPost
With Israel under Attack, Watch for Progressive Anti-Semitism: Newsweek
You’d be hard-pressed to find an Israeli that would rather be at war than at the beach or a bar: Yael Bar tur

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Why Does Thailand Have Such a Low Incidence of COVID-19 Deaths?: GoV
Prime today, gone tomorrow: Chinese products get pulled from Amazon: Rita Liao
Colonial Pipeline paid hackers almost $5 million in ransom: Report: Nihal Krishan


Bill Gates told golf buddies that his marriage was ‘loveless’: Post
Hard Cyber: Stilton’s Place
The Return of Fashion Friday: MOTUS

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