Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Russiagate the Model

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Posture Corrector For Men And Women - USA Patented Design - Adjustable Upper Back Brace
Russiagate the Model: Lee Smith
The Democratic Party’s Stasi: Julie Kelly
Oligarchy, and Remedies: Angelo Codevilla

'Alarming rate': Demoralized cops flee police departments in record numbers: Emily Zantow
Derek Chauvin’s Attorney Files Motion For New Trial: WCCO | CBS Minnesota
Minneapolis cops blocked from entering ‘George Floyd’ ‘autonomous zone’: Gregory Hoyt

Ray: U.S. Accomplice to the Largest Child Trafficking Operation in History: David Ray
McCarthy, Cheney and Tucker: CTH
Keeping the dangerous criminals out of prison isn't a winning plan: Examiner


Biden Admin Moves to Make Air Conditioners Too Expensive for Americans: Daniel Greenfield
More Americans Homeless than Ever; Joebama Importing Impoverished Migrants Anyway: FCC
Biden's American Unions Plan: Betsy McCaughey

Scandal Central

House GOPers Pose Questions to US Non-Profit That Helped Fund Wuhan Lab: Mark Tapscott
Michigan lawsuit claims to have ‘cracked’ Dominion election code: ElectionWiz
Analysis: Andrew Cuomo’s Nursing Home Disaster Cost New York A House Seat: DC


Silicon Valley Algorithm Manipulation Is The Only Thing Keeping Mainstream Media Alive: Caitlin Johnstone
Tucker: The woke CIA video may not be what we think…: Scoop
Corporate News Outlets Again "Confirm" Same False Story, While Many Refuse to Correct it: Glenn Greenwald


Hong Kong to Introduce “Fake News” Laws as Press Freedom Concerns Grow: Epoch
Arabs Warn West: Do Not Let Iran Fool You: Khaled Abu Toameh
COVID scare at G7 meeting after Indian delegates test positive: Reuters

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Uncontrolled Chinese rocket “Long March 5B” crash window aims near U.S.: Robert Zimmerman
Facebook’s Nextdoor-clone Neighborhoods is coming soon to four US cities: James Vincent
New York bill proposes to ban crypto mining for 3 years over carbon concerns: Cointelgraph


Belgian Farmer Accidentally Shifts French Border by Moving Ancient Stone: McCaffrey Blauner
Public Service Announcement: Earl of Taint
Fun Meme Wednesday Morning: Woodsterman

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't be happier they are segregating the people who have been vaccinated for they are a health risk to themselves and others. Shedding is a big deal and the idea that these people engaged unknowingly in an extinction level event will redefine the ambulance chasing lawyer.
RNA extraction will hopefully become a reality if Malinda funds it.