Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: A disaster entirely of Biden’s making: the true dimensions of the open borders crisis

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A disaster entirely of Biden’s making: the open borders crisis explodes: Byron York
Biden: “[MLK] Assassination Did Not Have The...Impact That George Floyd’s Death Did”: CTH
Sex offenders surge into U.S. amid wave of illegal immigration: Stephen Dinan

Roe v. Wade is on trial. Don't let the Left threaten the Supreme Court over it: Examiner
House Republicans Target Teaching of Critical Race Theory: Fred Lucas
Auditor: Data Deleted From Maricopa Election Machine Has Been Recovered: TET

Biden Unwisely Rescinds One of Trump’s Criminal Justice Reforms: GianCarlo Canaparo
Hunter Biden's corrupt deal-planning spanned the globe, investigation reveals: Bob Unruh
Will Vaccine Passports be America’s Version of Yellow Badges?: Janet Levy

House Democrats Vote Against Hamas Sanctions: Adam Kredo
Fauci Now Admits Mask Wearing Was Political Theater, Which He Denied To Rand Paul: CTH
Mark McCloskey Announces His Intent to Run for Missouri Senate Seat: CTH


HUD to Spend $5 Billion on 70,000 Housing Vouchers for the Homeless: Mark Tapscott
American Families Plan Will Do More Harm Than Good: Kay C. James
Why we need to stand against the radical Left’s war on energy: Rep. Steve Scalise & Grover Norquist

Scandal Central

New York AG Investigating Trump Organization in ‘Criminal Capacity’: Janita Kan
Soros kicked in $2M to elect Maricopa County sheriff now stonewalling election audit: Greg Piper
Group of former Trump staffers sues Ohio county over Dominion Voting Systems equipment: Nicholas Sherman

President Trump Calls the January 6th Commission “A Trap”, Which it is: CTH
Michigan Judge Throws Out Antrim County Election Case: Debra Heine
Pentagon reportedly running secret army of 60,000 around the world: Mark Moore


The decline and fall of the Associated Press: Charles Lipson
Facebook shuts down pro-Israel page targeted by ‘cyber terrorism’ campaign: Post
Woke Foundations Use Dollars Acquired Through Capitalism to Undermine Free Market Principles: Richard Graber


China will wait to take Taiwan, says ex-PM Rudd: Jeff Pao
US Warship Again Sails Through Taiwan Strait, Prompting Anger From Beijing: TET
A wider war spreads fast and far in Myanmar: AT

What You Need to Know About Israel-Hamas Conflict: Virginia Allen
Merkel’s Germany: 81% of Jews have been attacked by Muslims: Robert Spencer
Scoop: Biden to waive sanctions on company in charge of Nord Stream 2: Jonathan Swan

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Red China Reaches Red Planet as Beijing Joins Mars Club: Dean Cheng
Schumer on electric cars: 'All vehicles on the road should be clean' by 2040: Nicholas Ballasy
Detecting Drones: Israel’s ThirdEye Helps Confront Latest Threats : NatlInt


Whither Meritocracy? University of California Scraps the SAT: Lindsey Burke
Adam Sandler pickup hoops game goes viral for his outfit and teammates: Jenna Lemoncelli
Five Years On: Still In Search of “A Small Happiness”: MOTUS

Where's the 9/11 style commission for the plot to take down Trump?

Where's the 9/11 style commission for Steele?

Where's the 9/11 style commission for Ciaramella?

Where's the 9/11 style commission for Hunter's hard drive?

Where's the 9/11 style commission for the Wuhan lab?

— Hans Mahncke (@HansMahncke) May 19, 2021


commoncents said...

10 Year Old Kid Teaches School Board A Lesson About Masks (Amazing Speech!) — No More Masking Kids!! VIDEO

Anonymous said...

So China says they reached Mars, I doubt it. In the 70's their space program was 10,000 people and a large blanket. They did this stunt somewhere in the Gobi.