Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: The Lab-Theory Cover-Up: When Truth Serves Prejudice

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LEATHERMAN, Skeletool Lightweight Multitool: Combo Knife & Bottle Opener
The Lab-Theory Cover-Up: When Truth Serves Prejudice: Charles C. W. Cooke
Biden administration terminated probe into possibility of Wuhan lab leak: report: PM
Cheers in Senate as Paul amendment bans gain-of-function research in China: Breck Dumas

How Black Lives Matter Is Contributing to Rise in Antisemitism: Rob Bluey
The American Left Bought A Terror Group’s Propaganda: DC
Biden Advisers Link Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants With ‘Environmental Justice’: Fred Lucas

Schumer Sets Up Potential Vote on Jan. 6 Commission Bill: Janita Kan
Manchin, Sinema Announce Support for Jan. 6 Commission: Zachary Stieber
Extremists In Portland Attack Police Officers, Vandalize Businesses, Set Fires: Daily Wire

Shut down the Jan. 6 gulag: Michelle Malkin
Faux peaceniks and real terrorists form a nearly perfect storm of Jew-hate: Elder of Ziyon
Dem Hoyer Pressured Rep. Gottheimer to Vote ‘No’ on Israel Security Funding: Adam Kredo


Biden’s COVID Relief: Waste, Fraud And Abuse Globally: Denise Simon
Joebama to Import Metals and Close U.S. Mines To Appease China Climate Jihadis: CTH
JoeBamanomics: New Home Sales ‘Unexpectedly’ Drop, March Revised Sharply Lower: CTH

Scandal Central

Manhattan prosecutor convenes grand jury in Trump investigation: Haley Victory Smith
President Trump Responds to Manhattan DA Leaking Grand Jury Information to Media: CTH
Citing Executive Pardon Judge Dismisses Federal Case Against Steve Bannon: CTH

Dominion blames 'human error' for voting machines not showing GOP ballots in Pennsylvania county: Jake Dima
No One Knows Full Extent of Election Fraud. That’s Why We Track It.: John G. Malcolm
Fusion GPS is losing the fight to keep its records secret.: Techno Fog


France’s Great Debate Over the Sources and Meaning of Muslim Terror: Marc Weitzmann
The media and Democrats are hiding the digusting anti-semitism within the Democrat Party: Marjorie Taylor Greene
Elite anti-Semitism at the Boston Globe: Charles Lipson

Chinese Communist Party Shelled Out Millions for Propaganda in American Newspapers: Jim Treacher
What a Wuhan lab leak would really mean: Ian Birrell
‘Dangerous’ New Wave of Censorship Culminating in the US: Dershowitz: TET


No Deal Remains Better Than a Bad Deal: Risks of a JCPOA Return: JINSA
State Department admits possibility Palestinian aid will fund Hamas arsenal : Fox
Middle East Dispute Is About Religion, Not Land: Dennis Prager

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Mark Levin: Here's what we know about the real origins of COVID-19: BlazeTV
Bipartisan bill would close 'national security loophole' exploited by Huawei: Jerry Dunleavy
Tesla is stuck with over 10,000 cars on factory hold, resulting in a logistical nightmare: Fred Lambert


Action Alert, Windham NH Ballot Issues Identified in Other Counties: State Audit Needed: CTH
Two-year-old becomes youngest member of American Mensa after scoring 146 on IQ test: Haley Victory Smith
You Can Always Go Woke Again Tomorrow: MOTUS

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Average Joe Bro said...

Biden's America:
Police are bad
BLM, ANTIFA and criminals are good
American pipelines bad
Russian pipelines good,
American steel bad
foreign steel good
American citizens are racist traitors,
illegal aliens are good
Taxpayer dollars sent to terrorists counties is good
Isreal is bad
American history is bad,
racist 1619 and CRT is good
Saying Covid came from a Chinese lab is bad
Kissing China's arse is good
And he's only been the Pretends-ident for 4 months
God help us all.....