Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Amnesty Is Not Infrastructure

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Amnesty Is Not Infrastructure: Heritage
Border Patrol not testing migrants for COVID before releasing them in US: Anna Giaritelli
How the GOP Undermined Trump & Allowed Democrats to Seize Power: Truth Over News

America’s Ruling Class and China’s Ruling Class Are Eerily Similar: Jack Posobiec
Social Distancing Is for the Little People: Steyn and Carlson
Masking is child abuse and adult abuse–Resist!: M. Dowling

Show Your Papers: NYC Announces Vax Passport Needed to Eat at Restaurants: CTH
Cuomo Sexually Harassed Multiple Women, Retaliated Against Employee: NY AG: ET
ACLJ Dismantles the Legal Fallacies of Roe v. Wade in Three Supreme Court Briefs: ACLJ

Mark Levin: I Have A Plan to Liberate Your Children From Marxism: Tim Hains
In Violent Chicago, Young Men Brave Bullets to Reach Summer Safe Havens: Cara Ding
Top Arizona Senator Asks State AG to Investigate Maricopa County Over Subpoena Resistance: ET


9 Things to Know About Senate’s $1.1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill: David Ditch
Infrastructure bill includes “national mileage fee” to destroy private autos: Christian Datoc
Spirit Airlines passengers reportedly stranded for over 30 hours with 'no sort of resolve': FoxBiz

Scandal Central

Hammer Drops for Gov. Cuomo as NY Attorney General Finds He Sexually Harassed Multiple Women: Sister Toldjah
'He should resign': Biden sides with Cuomo's accusers: Naomi Lim
Entire NY Democratic congressional delegation now calling for Cuomo's resignation: The Shill

Albany County district attorney to conduct criminal investigation into Cuomo: Jeremy Beaman
New York AG releases audio of Gov. Cuomo singing as part of damning sexual harassment report: Insider
Cuomo Releases Prepared Remarks Defending His Conduct – Hey I’m Old and I’m Italian, We Touch People: CTH


Today’s blacklisted American: 65,000 Americans censored by social media: Robert Zimmerman
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Discusses Corporate Media Narrative Surrounding Florida COVID Response: CTH
Journalism Groups Won’t Condemn NSA ‘Unmasking’ of Tucker Carlson: Fred Lucas


Iran’s New Suitors: Edy Cohen
Beijing’s Bomb Buildup: Peter Brookes
Chinese Paramilitary Trained Cuban Security Forces Responsible for Suppressing Protesters: ET

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Containing the coronavirus is an unrealistic goal: Examiner
NIH Director Wants Parents to Wear Masks at Home Around Their Children, “I know it seems weird”: CTH
Mask-free Sweden is close to zero daily Covid deaths; official downplays Delta Variant: DailyMail


Archeologists Uncover New Sections of 2,000-Year-Old Tunnels in Western Wall in Jerusalem: ET
One of Those (CENSORED) Days: Stilton’s Place
Fences and Face Masks: MOTUS


Anonymous said...

Boy did I smash my index finger and it is now a resplendent purple, just like the voters in Iraq who held their purple voting fingers aloft as a source of pride. So sacred a duty, but in the land of the free it has been soiled and sullied by the pretender Joe Biden who stole the election.
Get out Joe, the evidence is against you and camel you rode in on.

MMinWA said...

Interesting story about Chicago trying an end around for young men who've decided that gangs aren't for them. Literally millions of dollars pouring in for various programs. I can assert pretty confidentiality, judging from the ever increasing #s of shooting victims that it ain't doing shit on a marco level.

I have a novel idea. Why not invade these gang strong holds, kill as many of the members as possible and imprison the rest? Oh wait, is it because they're black? Oh well, never mind. Continue the current idiocy which guarantees that ordinary people are virtually imprisoned in a war zone.

Anther excellent example of failed government.