Saturday, August 07, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: NYC Protest Against Mandatory Vaccination Passports, Monday August 9th, Noon at City Hall

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NYC Protest Against Mandatory Vaccination Passports, Mon. 8/9, Noon at City Hall: CTH
America’s Generals Lied, Lost Wars, And Looted U.S. Citizens: Josiah Lippincott
Biden ATF nominee Chipman failed to disclose Chinese state TV appearance: Fox

Biden’s Unprecedented Attack on the Constitution: David Harsanyi
Landlords Slam Biden’s New Eviction Moratorium, Ask Courts to Intervene: Thomas Catenacci
Vaccine passports are here, resist or obey, choose: M. Dowling

Is the ADL a greater threat to liberty than the extremists it targets?: Jonathan S. Tobin
CDC Director Makes Case Vaccination Passports are Futile: CTH
The war on breathing: Laura Dodsworth


An Immigrant American Parent Connects CRT Education to Olympic Athletes Without a Clue: CTH
Fiscal Conservatism Is Still Best Way to Beat Inflation: Rep. Ron Estes
Big-spending Biden and Democrats steel themselves for debt ceiling fight: Naomi Lim

Scandal Central

“Yes, He Was Infected In The Lab!”: E-Mails Confirm Where Chinese Lab Director Was Infected: Natalie Winters
Wisconsin State Assembly Issues Election Audit Subpoenas To Milwaukee and Brown Counties: CTH
DOJ inspector general cannot identify FBI leaks regarding Clinton server in lead-up to 2016 election: Fox

CDC and Facebook ‘Coordinated Closely’ on Censorship of COVID-19 ‘Misinformation’: Watchdog: ET
Husband Of CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Has Received Millions In HHS Grants: Mike LaChance
DOJ Tells Court: Don’t Block New Eviction Moratorium: Zachary Stieber


Congress’ new Infrastructure Bill includes a disastrous cryptocurrency tax change for the U.S.: Cameron Winklevoss
Joe Rogan Says Vaccine Passports Will Take America ‘One Step Closer’ To Having A Dictator: DC
1619 Project Ignores Democratic Party’s History of Racism: Mark Hemingway


The Great Reset: The Global Elite’s Plan To Radically Remake Our Economic And Social Lives: Sam Jacobs
To Biden Administration: No Visa, No Negotiations with Iran Regime's Mass Murderer: Majid Rafizadeh
US sends in B-52s in desperate bid to stop the Taliban seizing key Afghan cities: Daily Mail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

AMA Journal: Masks Are Bad For Your Kids. Quit Forcing Them To Wear Them: Maggie Hroncich
Wut: Moderna and Pfizer Intentionally Lost Clinical Trial Control Group Testing Vaccine Efficacy and Safety: CTH
Deal Of The Century: How Michael Dell Turned His Declining PC Business Into A $40 Billion Windfall: Antoine Gara


Fun Friday Afternoon: Woodsterman
Who Created Nautical Map For Cuban Refugees To Fake Martha’s Vineyard “Receiving Center”?: Earl of Taint
Happy Birthday Party Obama: I Hope It Doesn’t Rain: MOTUS

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Average Joe Bro said...

The population of California is around 39 million people. Gavin Newsom and the leftists in Washington are confident that they will get the majority of the 60 million votes that are expected to be cast in the upcoming recall election.....