Sunday, August 01, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Biden plans to give amnesty to 8 million illegal aliens all at once --- in a spending bill

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Biden plans amnesty for 8 million illegal aliens all at once --- in a spending bill: M. Dowling
Walensky backtracks nationwide vaccine mandate comments amid confusion: Jeremy Beaman
Study: Recovered COVID-19 Patients Have Broad Immunity Including Against Variants: ET

Watch Closely, JoeBama Network Signaling Team for 2022: CTH
Biden's DOJ Sets Stage to Permanently Destroy Election Integrity: WJ
Coming Soon: A 'No Buy List' for Conservatives and Other 'Hate Groups': Rick Moran

Kyrsten Sinema Is the Latest Victim of Democratic Radicalism: Isaac Willour
Wyoming Could Be Challenging: CTH
Grassroots organization training parents to run for school board: Jeremy Beaman


Here’s proof GOP governors were right to cancel ultra-generous unemployment benefits : Brad Polumbo
BlackRock Exec Picked as Kamala Harris’s Top Economic Adviser: Annie Massa
Voters are rightly blaming Biden for inflation: Examiner

Ammunition shelves bare as U.S. gun sales continue to soar: Associated Depressed
Bacon may disappear in California as pig rules take effect: MyPanhandle
Illinois Rental Housing Providers Welcome End of Eviction Moratorium: Martha Rosenberg

Scandal Central

Five Years Later: The Spawn of Crossfire Hurricane: Julie Kelly
Pennsylvania Senator Prepares to Issue Subpoenas After Three Counties Reject Audit Requests: ET
Did a terrorist actually just win an Olympic gold medal?: NTB


Twitter Suspends Science Writer After He Posts Results Of Pfizer Clinical Test: Turley
YouTube suspends Sky News Australia channel: France24
NYT, WaPo, NBC Slammed For Irresponsible Framing of Covid Cases in Fully Vaccinated People: MediaShyte


Russians hacked 27 US attorney offices, including SDNY: Eileen AJ Connelly
US ‘Deeply, Deeply Troubled’ by Taliban Attacks on Civilians: Hugh Fitzgerald
For Iran, Two Opposing Messages: Ali Safavi

Make Mexico Great Again, AMLO Moves to Confront BigAg Blocking Imports: CTH
French Police Clash With Anti-Virus Pass Protesters in Paris: ET
Congress must fix UNRWA’s Hamas problem: Examiner

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Study Used by CDC to Support New Mask Mandates Based on Bad Data, Rejected by Peer Review: Eric Lendrum
And We Should Trust ‘The Science’ of the Pharma Industry?: F. William Engdahl
Frigid polar air brings very rare snowfall, icy rains to southern Brazil: WUWT


The Perfect Rant Every American Needs To See: @DatBoiVictor
Kentucky Minigunning: BattleSwarm
Meanwhile, Down By the River: MOTUS


Average Joe Bro said...

Consider how evil the left in this country truly is: allowing MILLIONS of untested and unvacinated illegal aliens to pour into our country,
"Coincidentally" causing a spike in covid infections all over our nation. They now demand we return to universal masking whether we are vaccinated or not. Next they will implement a lock down of some type and close our children's schools. This will all happen just before the next election. The evil leftist are willing to infect and kill countless Americans, cause our children irreparable harm and destroy our economy so they can steal another election and continue to enrich themselves and their donors. They even have a plan B which is if all else fails they will give amnesty- meaning voting rights- to millions of illegal aliens they themselves brought into the country, the are Pure evil..

commoncents said...

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