Saturday, August 28, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Marine commander puts career on the line to demand accountability over Afghanistan debacle

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Marine commander risks career to demand accountability over Afghan debacle: James Clark
The Memo: Horror in Kabul is political disaster for Biden: The Shill
Rep Ilhan Omar posts photo of 9/11 attacks after deadliest day in a decade for US military: PM

To get out of Afghanistan, hold Biden, his team and the generals to account: John Kass
House Dem calls Biden's handling of Afghanistan 'f---g disaster': Fox
The Rescuers: James Freeman

Senile or not, Biden has betrayed America: Patricia McCarthy
HHS diverting millions in funding marked for vaccine efforts to housing migrant children: Fox
Academia reaches its terminal stage of rot: Liam Brooks

Woke Soldier Eager to Shoot Americans: MB
New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell Claims Not Enough Time for a Mandatory Evacuation: CTH
Bipartisan election reform bill brewing in Pennsylvania Senate: JTN


Racist Teachers to Meet in 115 Cities to Protest Bill Curbing Critical Race Theory: Kendall Tietz
Biden WH ups pressure to use faux “infection control” measures in schools like universal masking: Cassidy Morrison
California wises up and chooses natural gas: Examiner

Scandal Central

Marine Commander Relieved After Demanding Accountability From Military Leaders in Viral Video: Debra Heine
Taliban kill squad hunting down Afghans — using US biometric data: Post
Glenn Beck Accuses State Dept. Of Blocking Efforts To Rescue Afghani Christians From The Taliban: LifeZette


Hunkering Harris: VP blocks media from Hawaii event after Kabul bombing: Ed Morrissey
NBC News explains why the ISIS-K attack was Trump's fault: Jazz Shaw
Biden's epic collapse is as much about these issues as Afghanistan: The Shill

We Hate Our Government: PRD
Chris Wallace: Attack on US homeland from Afghanistan 'could be curtains for Biden presidency': Fox
Campos-Duffy doubles down, demands Americans ‘have a right to know’ who oversees Biden: BPR


Biden Admin Gives Iran's Mullahs Another Victory: Taliban Takeover: Majid Rafizadeh
Taliban Ask Qatar For Technical Assistance Running Kabul Airport: CTH
Afghanistan: Khalil Haqqani, head of security at Kabul airport where bomb killed 170: DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 12x More Effective Than Vaccines At Stopping Delta: ZH
Having solved all other problems, CDC director tells CNN about her ‘plan to reduce gun violence’: Twitchy
Alarming Report Highlights Influence of Big Pharma and Multinationals on Geopolitical Stage: CTH


Critical Thinking From One Meme: Feral Irishman
NRA Joins Taliban: Cube
Pet Sounds Of Summer: MOTUS


Anonymous said...

Dr. Jill is Joe's Rasputin, it is a serious charge but it's seriousness demands an investigation.

Anonymous said...

Peshawar is mourning the deaths of Alak Salimi and Birani Gosh who were killed in a drone strike on their catering truck outside of Islamabad in revenge by the Biden anti-terrorism team. The Gates News Network is said to have lamented that at least Bill Clinton killed an "assault camel" in operation "Infinite Reach", and that there is now a needless food service interruption for children in the area.