Friday, August 20, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Something Is Wrong with the President

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Something Is Wrong with the President: Jim Geraghty
Afghanistan, Not An Intelligence Failure — Something Much Worse: Douglas London
What's Wrong With Joe? Biden Calls a Lid on Appearances—Indefinitely: Bryan Preston

Greenfield Video: How a Woke Military Led to Defeat in Afghanistan: Glazov
Assabiya Wins Every Time: Lee Smith
You’ve just crossed over: Scott Johnson

US diplomats urged evacuation of Afghan allies weeks before Taliban takeover: Daniel Chaitin
State Dept. ignored warnings about Kabul's fall: Examiner
Afghanistan is much worse than the fall of Saigon. Biden needs to act like it: Jon Gabriel

How Big Is the Angry Majority?: John Green
The Vanishing Legacy of Barack Obama [Full Article]: Matt Taibbi
Evacuees Won’t Be Charged for Flights From Kabul, State Dept Says Amid Confusion: ET


Biden cancels $5.8 billion in student loan debt for the disabled: Patrick Reilly
Biden plan could force thousands of family farms to sell rather than face transfer tax: JTN
Leaked: Bank of America tells employees US is 'white supremacist' and to get 'woke at work': Nick Monroe

Scandal Central

Senators "Horrified" To See Black Hawk Helicopters In Taliban Hands: ZH
Planes, guns, night-vision goggles: The Taliban's new U.S.-made war chest: Al-Reuters
“A Big Money Funneling Operation” — Afghanistan Vet Reflects On Withdrawal Of US Forces: Michael Tracey

Yesterday Milley Said Nobody Saw Afghan Collapse Coming; Cables Show Embassy Warning of Collapse in July: CTH
Democrat on House Armed Services Committee: U.S. Military Should Ignore Americans Trying to Get to Airport: CTH
Biden’s Afghanistan bungle will face a barrage of Capitol inquiries: Examiner


Google Engineer Reveals Big Tech Rewrote Algorithms for an Insidious Goal: Kipp Jones
Report: Taliban Larry David and Alan Dershowitz had a bizarre clash at a Martha’s Vineyard store:
Winning! Greg Gutfeld Now Dominates All Late-Night Hosts in Total Viewers: RS


After the Debacle: Six Concrete Steps to Restore U.S. Credibility: FP
White House Walks Back Biden's Statement About Defending Taiwan, Says He Misspoke: Jack Posobiec
Taliban Break Out In Laughter At Question About Female Politicians: YWN

Allies expect ‘explosion’ of terrorism as Afghanistan refugee crisis looms: Joel Gehrke
British Parliament Holds Joe Biden in Contempt For Unilateral Decisionmaking and Botched Afghan Withdrawal: CTH
US position on Taiwan hasn’t changed, despite promise to defend it, administration says: Jerry Dunleavy

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

CDC Director: “Increased Risk of Severe Illness” for the Vaccinated: CTH
The knives aimed at SpaceX are getting sharpened: Robert Zimmerman
“We’re At War:” Israel’s COVID Czar Reveals Dramatic Rise In Deaths: YWN


Political Ads Highlighting Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy Failures, Economic Crisis, Inflation, Border Crisis and More: CTH
Boosters? I Don’t Want Your Stinkin’ Boosters!: Roger L. Simon
It’s Not As If We Didn’t Warn You: MOTUS


wendybar said...

The release the Political prisoners now. Nancy should be put in prison for starting the lie of the insurrection when it was SHE who didn't authorize enough security for the crowd size.

Anonymous said...

A cursory reading of the Constitution says my immunity should not be abridged, nor my life deprived by government shots (14th Amendment Section 1). Furthermore, America must address the issue of the Ungovernable which I take to be all Democrats, the acid test of which is their submission to "Nature's God" - (Declaration paragraph 1).
Tongue in cheek indeed, but the Biden Administration does not have our consent, what he has done must be undone.

judgeroybean said...

They had less than scant evidence of wrong doing by President Trump but impeached him anyway. The evidence of wrong doings by the Biden Crime Family is overwhelming but the government refuses to go after the Bidens.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the US undertake mining the trillion dollars in mineral assets in Afghanistan. why were we not told this was a venture we could undertake?
Why did Joe give Afghanistan and its other strategic assets to the ChiComs?
If this isn't treachery it is treason.

commoncents said...

Wow: FRANCE Is Doing More Than We Are In Afghanistan - Rumble Video

Anonymous said...

The BGN (Bill Gates Network) suggests, I believe, that we can expect to see Bowe Bergdahl taking on extensive senior advisor activities in the White House. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

If you don't already realize that Biden is in the next-to-last stage of dementia, then you are too stupid to write opinion pieces for a living.

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