Sunday, August 08, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Biden’s Open Border And The Open Question

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Biden’s Open Border And The Open Question: Scott Johnson
Did Congress Just Confirm The “Crazy Conspiracy Theories” About a Wuhan Lab Leak?: OP
‘The Mandates Are Coming’: Fauci Says Full FDA Approval Will Inspire Flood Of Vax Requirements: DC

Biden’s Electric Vehicle Plan A Massive Payoff to China: Tristan Justice
Canceling the Constitution: Biden hailed for violating rule of law: Turley
Sen. Sinema Warns Democrats Eliminating Filibuster Could Backfire Down The Road: OAN

Vaccine-resistant lambda variant is in the US: David Hogberg
Obama and The Elites Were Maskless at His Swank Birthday Gala on Martha’s Vineyard: Post
Texas Border Crisis Turns Hotels into COVID Quarantine Centers: Randy Clark


President Trump Releases Statement on Insane Senate Spending Bill Falsely Disguised as Infrastructure: CTH
Ilhan Omar’s latest socialist proposal would trap us in welfare state stagnation: Brad Polumbo
I, Landlord: ContinentalCongress

Scandal Central

Exclusive: California Democrats’ Audit-Proof Vote Fraud Mechanism Rolls Out Ahead of Newsom Recall: JD Rucker
Cuomo’s lawyers just proved he has no credible defense: Post
Cuomo’s Fall Would Be a Win for the Cabal: Lisa Schiffren


Exclusive: New York Times quashed COVID origins inquiry: Dominic Green
Voter Group Says ‘157,299 Illegal Ballots’ Cast in Wisconsin Election: ElectionWiz
Vaccine Success, Media Misery: Is Good News Taboo in the Trump Age?: Matt Taibbi


State Department urges US citizens in Afghanistan to leave 'immediately': Mike Brest
There’s a religious revival going on in China: AT
The Sbarro Bombing Twenty Years Ago, “The Street Was Covered with Blood and Bodies”: Jeff Dunetz

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Apple's Plan to "Think Different" About Encryption Opens a Backdoor to Your Private Life: EFF
Climate Change Doesn’t Cause All Disasters: Bjorn Lomborg
Fully Vaccinated May Transmit Delta Easily—And New Variant Shows Signs Of Vaccine Evasion: Jemima McEvoy


Pathologist Dr Ryan Cole Delivers Concerning Message About COVID Vaccine and Long Term Impacts: CTH
This Week In Pictures: Power Line
Dinner And A Movie: MOTUS


Average Joe Bro said...

No masks or social distancing at Obama's birthday party with the elites attending having flown in from around the country. Maybe they know something we don't? Maybe they were served Hydoxychloroquine at the buffet line??

Anonymous said...

This was briefly on Rumble: Summary of what jabs do" Ryan Cole MD
When he got to the pictures it broke me up.

Anonymous said...

The US Government is expecting the covid die-off, there can be no other reason for allowing so many unvaccinated people into the Country. They will all develop natural beautiful immunity and be ready to take the jobs left by dead white people.
Look at Joe Biden and thank a Democrat.

commoncents said...


GMFWashington said...

Thanks for the link!

George MF Washington (The continental Congress)