Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Taliban Warning: US Must Fully Withdraw American Troops by Sept. 11… Or Else

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Taliban Warning: US Must Fully Withdraw American Troops by Sept. 11… Or Else: ET
The Afghanistan Debacle Is a Dagger Aimed at Overseas Chinese: Stu Cvrk
From Biden to the Taliban with Love: Burak Bekdil

Ex-US IC deeply worried at what Afghanistan means for the U.S.: Bryan Dean Wright
General Milley and the Scale of Humiliation: Mark Steyn
Taliban Frees Thousands of Prisoners, Including al Qaeda and ISIS Fighters: Adam Kredo

State Dept. to Stranded US Citizens: Find Your Own Way to Kabul Airport: DC Patriot
Disturbing Footage Of Weapons Seized By Taliban After Biden’s Disastrous Pullout: DW
A Hostage Crisis in Slow-Motion?: Power Line


Biden is handling the border just as incompetently as he handled Afghanistan: Examiner
4 Keys to Understanding COVID-19 Surge at Border: Fred Lucas
Joe Biden’s Disappearing Act Is Not New. It’s How He Became President: David Marcus


High Gasoline Prices and Biden’s Confusing Request to OPEC on Oil Production: Katie Tubb
Nancy Pelosi snubs bipartisanship: Albert Eisenberg
Marjorie Taylor Greene Confronts Senate DeceptiCons and Outlines Corrupt Infrastructure Bill: CTH

Scandal Central

Whitmer kidnapping case rocked by allegations FBI told informant to lie, delete text messages: JTN
While The Left Was Busy Charging Conservatives As Radicals, Afghanistan Fell To Real Terrorists: Jordan Davidson
A desperate, last-ditch lawsuit won't save Gavin Newsom: Zachary Faria

Interview With AZ Senate President Karen Fann On Suspicious Activity by Maricopa County Election Board: CTH
San Diego Residents Withdraw their Consent and Confront Board of Supervisors Over Vaccine Passports: CTH
Twitter says Taliban can stay on platform if they obey rules: Samuel Chamberlain


Res Ipsa Blog Hit By Targeted Cyber Attack: Jonathan Turley
‘This Is Manifestly Not Saigon’ and Our Society of Lies: Dennis Prager
Trump: Afghanistan 'Greatest Embarrassment in the History of Our Country': Max


If You Live in Taiwan, Time to Worry: Stephen Bryen
'Greatest debacle that NATO has seen’: Biden stuns allies with Afghanistan mistakes expected of Trump: Joel Gehrke
Images show barbaric Afghanistan reality after Taliban seized control: Lee Brown

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Hockeysticks don’t die, they just get more corrupt: JoNova
New Zealand Thrown Into National Lockdown Over 1 Assumed Delta Case: Lorenz Duchamps
Ankle bracelets? Busted for getting air? An explanation may lie in a link here: Vlad Tepes


'Rumors That The Taliban Have Taken Over Are Unfounded,' Says Jen Psaki Wearing Hijab: Bee
Israeli Author Offers Ancient Wisdom of Genesis for Modern Problems: Douglas Blair
Two Shots And A Booster: MOTUS


Average Joe Bro said...

Biden wasn't elected, he was installed just like you install a toilet. The problem with having a
Pretends-ident is that he pretends to know what he's doing right up until the moment he actually has to act and thats when the whole charade falls apart. There is no one in the white house ( or Martha's Vinyard ) that has any idea how to proceed or how to rescue the thousands of Americans stranded in Afghanistan. On a related note - it has been reported that the entire population of Taiwan now has the runs.....

Anonymous said...

Unless it is quickly Put Back, Joe Biden will go down in the books as the person responsible for the most extensive genocide in the planet's history. Bar none.

Anonymous said...

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