Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Top 20 Tweets from BadBlue Tonight, 08.04.21: "Biden Doesnˊt Care About Covid, Why Should You?" Edition

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Anonymous said...

Joe pinched the nipple of an 8 year old girl on video several years ago and she (Maria) recently spoke up about it. It was clearly done and I believe her. What is more shocking is that America puts up with this hair sniffing dirty old man.

Anonymous said...

The people at UNCW have stories to tell about the "suicide" of Mike Adams, just as the dRATS have stories to tell about the 4 "suicides" of Capitol Officers.

MMinWA said...

I spent 5 years in w Texas in District 11 represented by Mike Conaway. It was a solid R district with no chance for either an R challenge or a dem to take it from Conaway. For 5 years I wrote this asshole(and called his offices) asking 1 fookin' simple question. WTF are you allocating trillions of dollars in fairy dust money? Never once did I receive an answer.

Conaway had his and the constituents he represented, big oil/ag, had their rep. And the rest of us could get fucked.

Than onto n AR and District 1, another solid R stronghold represented by Rick Crawford. I was there during the 2020 election theft. This asshole refused to say a GD thing about the obvious voter fraud. Nor did he respond to any of my questions about the fraud or the DOJ's 1/6 witch hunt.

Both of the newsletters I received from these assholes NEVER once covered the serious issues that were critical to 10s of 1,000s of their constituents. Just full of the federal dollars(made up money) they had managed to steer to their districts.

Now in WA and in a blue district with not a fucking chance of an R getting elected, I'm at the point of yeah so what? What would be the difference? His newsletters are filled with the same kind of bullshit, that is directing fairy dust money to the Peninsula's REgressive causes. Fook him as well.

This government(?) is so off the GD rails the only hope I see is the SMOD and I'm not kidding. Outright treason so in my face I'm at a loss. And why? For a cushy lifestyle??

We have a handful of R reps that give a shit about the direction of this country and Jim Jordan sure as fook ain't one of them. 10 or 20 more Laura Loomer would be a great start but with our side virtually ignoring the massive election fraud, you can tattoo the saying, You Can Vote Your Way Into Socialism But You Have To Shoot Your Way Out on the insides of your eyelids.

I hate to admit it but I understand the anger of Bill Ayers from 40 years ago.