Thursday, August 12, 2021

My Call Into The Joe Madison Show (With Mark Levin Reference)

The SiriusXM service features a variety of political channels and talk shows. PatriotXM might be familiar to many of our big-rig driving readers. Among the many hosts across the spectrum, Joe Madison is one of the stars of the Urban View channel, perhaps the star, and was today discussing vaccine hesitancy.

Joe Madison, The Black Eagle[,] is the award-winning morning talk show where you learn the truth. Madison is on the case daily talking about politics and social activism, while challenging the status quo ensuring that people of color are not undervalued, underestimated, or marginalized. Listen in and be informed.
Driving back from a rapid-fire lake visit consisting of beaches, boats and sporadic torrential rains, I happened to tune into "The Eagle", as Joe is known.

A series of callers described various horror stories regarding the unvaccinated. They emphasized the heartbreak of anti-vax activists who, on their death beds, recanted their hesitancy and begged the reluctant to get jabbed.

I got the urge to call in, a couple of questions floating around in my head. I got to the call screener within seconds (For Joe's eyes only: this young man's a great call-screener, and needs a raise!).

As I waited the calls flowed in. A legitimately quick and funny individual, Joe responded to one prospective caller who wanted him to critique his resume: "Hell, no! Tell him to go to ZipRecruiter!"

After about 7 or 8 callers, I got the click (below is not a transcript, it's a rough draft from my memory).

ME: "Joe, I love the show and you guys are doing a great job. Quick question: I'm vaccinated, I think my whole family is vaccinated cause many are nurses... but what I'm wondering if we can talk about the Covid super-spreader event at the border. Last month, 200,000 illegal aliens entered the country and many were shipped throughout the U.S..."

JOE: "Wait, wait... 200,000? Do you mean these are just legal workers entering the country? You've got to tell me more about what you're describing here."

At this point, I couldn't tell whether I was muted or not.

ME: "No, I'm talking about the 200,000 illegals a month, including unaccompanied minors..."

JOE: "That's straight from Fox News, a Fox News talking point, so you're a Fox watcher."

ME: "Sir, I don't watch Fox News or any TV news show."

JOE: Well, you're repeating their points, you're repeating Mark Levin's talking points. I might even agree that those coming in the country should be tested and vaccinated, and if they're positive, they should be quarantined. But you're saying there's 200,000 a day coming in? You're slick, Doug, but I don't believe you, we'll check that number."

Not knowing if I was muted, I said:

ME: "No, sir, I misspoke if I said 'day', I meant 'month'."

JOE: "200,000 a day? That makes no sense. I don't believe that."

ME: "Can I ask a follow-up question?"

JOE: "Go ahead."

ME: "Apart from the vaccines, should we be looking at the origins of this virus? How it came to be? I don't see anyone investigating this --

JOE: "What the f***? We need to deal with the now, how to take care of what we're dealing with today!"

ME: "Sir, I'm talking about the Gain-of-Function Research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where this virus appears to have --"

JOE: "Man, the World Health Organization and... others are looking into the virus. We need to talk about the now and how to stop what's going on right now! Sorry about the language."

*** Bloop ***

A hang-up. The call was disconnected from their side. He dumped me.

I turned the radio back up and caught the end of a question to me...

JOE: "He hung up on us, he can't answer the question!"

They played the canned "crickets" bumper to highlight the fact that I wasn't there.

I know it's theater, and it's Joe's show. But, c'mon, the old dump-and-pump gag?

To answer Joe's question: we can walk and chew gum at the same time. We can fight the virus while trying to prevent an even worse catastrophe at the hands of men who would be gods.

Anyhow, it would be great to have this kind of earnest debate regularly between Dees and Ares.

Open offer to Mr. Madison and his team: I will take you out to a nice steak dinner, my treat, to have a bracing, civil and entertaining discussion on the merits of our current political system. My email address is Thank you and look forward to it!

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Tune in and be informed.


Chris Nelson said...

You wasted his and your time.

(Except for validating that he doesn't want any real questions or conversation on air...)

MMinWA said...

Dittos Chris.

directorblue said...

I look at it a little differently. If I can get even one listener to start asking the right questions, it wasn't a waste of time to me!

And, besides, wouldn't it be nice to have honest public policy debates without ad hominem attacks and endless vitriol?

I'm a bridge-builder, dontcha know! ;-|

Standish said...

In March FOX TV, oan TV, Newsmax TV reported that 25% of illegals CAME IN WITH "Delta" virus. In the detention they infected other 75% of illegals then they were released to all states. So they predicted new wave of DELTA virus in March.

Don said...

Still, you leave the door open.