Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Top 20 Tweets from BadBlue Tonight, 08.18.21: "100 Taliban For Every American Citizen" Edition

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Anonymous said...

Thoroughly Moronic Milley needs to resign stat. Actually, he needs to be prosecuted for dereliction of duty.

commoncents said...

FOX NEWS VIDEO - Full interview with President Donald J. Trump on Hannity 8/17/21

Anonymous said...

The jumpers from the Twin Towers jumped for joy that the world would embrace Islam and now America's oppressive rule in the middle east is broken thanks to an enlightened dementia patient. If Dr. Jill was a little younger she could be a sex slave for the beardies from Guantanamo but alas. The world is on a roll without us and nobody will come to our help. Grandpa is driving so lets get some ice cream.

Veritas said...

The Sec of Defense needs to be strung up for dishonoring his oath, betraying his troops, and lying to all of us. A stinking, self serving affirmative action candidate if ever there was one.

MMinWA said...

If ya'all want a clue, watch Lara Logan's interview with Tucker.

In essence, if TPTB wanted something different for Afghanistan, then there'd be something different now.

Anonymous said...

What MMinWA said!