Saturday, July 31, 2021

Top 20 Tweets from BadBlue Tonight, 07.31.21: "Australia Is Living In Tyranny" Edition

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Deserttrek said...

The rent moratorium was illegal and immoral.
People can pay their rents or get an agreement with the landlord.

commoncents said...

SO UNFAIR! Rep Mace (SC 1) absolutely destroys Texas Fleebagger Representative

Average Joe Bro said...

Consider how evil the left in this country truly is: allowing MILLIONS of untested and unvacinated illegal aliens to pour into our country,
"Coincidentally" causing a spike in covid infections all over our nation. They now demand we return to universal masking whether we are vaccinated or not. Next they will implement a lock down of some type and close our children's schools. This will all happen just before the next election. The evil leftist are will to infect and kill countless Americans, cause our children irreparable harm and destroy our economy so they can steal another election and continue to enrich themselves and their donors. Pure evil....