Monday, July 12, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Richard Grenell Urges Federal Action Over Alleged Unmasking of Tucker Carlson

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Amazon and The Wires of War
Richard Grenell Urges Federal Action Over Alleged ‘Unmasking’ of Tucker Carlson: ET
Who Will Prosecute the Prosecutors?: Debra J. Saunders
Democrats Move to Take Over Your Credit Score – Just Like Communist China: Victoria Taft

Trump’s Lawsuits Against Big Tech Will Go to Supreme Court, Backers Say: Virginia Allen
Frederick Douglass Versus the 1619 Project: Dinesh D’Souza
A 7-point-plan to reinstate Trump as president 'in days, not years' circulated at CPAC: Yahoo!

Murkowski Says She Has Not Decided if She Will Run for Re-election: CTH
McConnell-aligned super PAC endorses Murkowski for re-election: Haxios
'Kamala's Kinko's Problem': Kevin McCullough


Yes, critical race theory is being taught in public schools: Examiner
Teachers Unions Push CRT in Schools, Urge Defiance of State Laws: Jarrett Stepman
Hotel cancels 'America First' rally after finding Gaetz and Greene were speakers: Michael Lee

Scandal Central

Trump Reveals Letter from PA U.S Attorney Detailing Bill Barr Blocking Philly Vote Fraud Probe: CTH
YouTube Deletes CPAC’s Video About Trump’s Lawsuit, Group Can’t Upload Content: ET
2 Educators Fight for Their Jobs After Suggesting Commonsense Transgender Policies for School: Nicole Russell

BLM Exposed: David Lange
‘Down With Dictatorship’: Thousands of Cubans Demonstrate Against Communist Regime: ET
German Court Orders YouTube To Pay 100,000 Euros For Censoring Pandemic Protest Footage: ZH


CNN Chinese Propagandist Demands Life Needs to Be Hard for Unvaccinated: CTH
Beware Extremist Content: Jim Quinn
Ben Garrison Highlights “The Fourth Branch of Government”: CTH


The Biden Administration's Silence on Cuba Is a Problem: RS
Xi Jinping Is Mobilizing China for War, Possibly With Nukes: Gordon G. Chang
Pentagon 'analyzing' Haiti's request for US troops after assassination, spokesman says: Jake Dima

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

As ‘meat replacements’ grow more popular, experts express skepticism, uncertainty: JTN
Virgin Galactic's Richard Branson reaches space in test flight, part of furious space tourism race: FoxBiz
A 'wobble' in the moon's orbit could result in record flooding in the 2030s, new study finds: Brandon Specktor


The inside skinny on Jimmy and Rosalynn's 75th wedding Anniversary in Plains, GA: Jonathan Alter
Oh Happy Smonday... Check This Out, The Whole 20 minutes...: Feral Irishman
Freedom’s Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose: MOTUS

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