Thursday, July 01, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Microsoft Executive: DOJ Routinely Abuses Secrecy Orders to Seize Data From U.S. Citizens

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Microsoft Exec: DOJ Abuses Power to Seize Data From U.S. Citizens: Debra Heine
House Democrats Vote For Star Chamber to Bolster ‘Insurrection’ Narrative: Brent Hamachek
Manhattan grand jury returns criminal indictments against Trump Org CFO: Jake Dima

Strike 3: Why Biden Commission Should Reject Court-Packing: Thomas Jipping
A Dad Explains How Parents Fight Critical Race Theory in Loudoun County: Douglas Blair
Ilhan Omar Knows Exactly What She’s Doing: WFB

Democrats In Ohio Erupt In Insurrection During Introduction Of Anti-Transgender Bill…: WZ
Air Force fitness test will feature walking instead of running and push-ups: David Roza
Executive Agency Defies Legislature, Creates ‘Equity’ Office: Texas Scorecard

FBI lawyer who lied to FISA court will to law next month after zero jail time: Thomas Lifson
A Commonsense Bill That Will Ensure IRS Agents Do Their Jobs: Daily Signal
Homan: Biden Is 'First President... Actively Facilitating Illegal Immigration': Jeff Poor


Biden's unemployment blunder is crushing economic supply chains: Kristin Tate
Supreme Court wades into national debate over pipelines: JTN
Robinhood Sets Aside $26 Million to Cover SEC, FINRA Fines: FinanceMagnates

Scandal Central

Tucker Carlson Pushing Back Against NSA Surveillance, However...: CTH
House Votes to Approve January 6th Select Committee 222-190, Cheney and Kinzinger Vote With Pelosi: CTH
NYC Mayoral Race a Hot Mess of Electronic Errors, Wrong Votes and Counting Mistakes: CTH

Did Pence Intentionally Damage Trump?: ET
Military Training Documents Label Christians, Catholics as Extremists: First Liberty Institute: Todd Starnes
Panama Official Say Terrorists Are Trying To Enter U.S. Through Southern Border Disguised As Migrants: OAN

Federal Protection of “Oath Keepers” Kingpin Breaks Entire “Insurrection” Lie Wide Open: Revolver
Former U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health: Lab Accident is Most Likely Origin of COVID-19: HE
International Scientists Call for New Inquiry Into COVID-19 Origin: ET


Today’s blacklisted American: Journalist Andy Ngo blackballed again, this time by SoundCloud: Robert Zimmerman
The Indispensable Julie Kelly: George Rasley
Fascist Twitter Strikes Again: Allum Bokhari

Newsmax Beats Fox in Key Ratings, Trump Rally Draws 3+ Million Viewers: NewsMax
CNN’s Ratings Collapse: It Couldn’t Happen to Nicer People: Derek Hunter
Who are the figures whose statues the House voted to remove?: Charles Hilu


CCP at 100 Years: A Century of Killing and Deceit: ET
North Korea reports 'grave incident' related to COVID-19: The Hill
In Hong Kong, Pro-Democracy Newspaper Closes and Editor Is Arrested: Patrick Tyrrell

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Vaccinated people safe from delta variant and other COVID-19 mutations: Cassidy Morrison
Army Develops AI-Enabled Programmable Fiber For Military Uniforms - The Debrief: The Debrief
Microsoft Exec Spills the Beans, US Overusing Secret Subpoena Power to Surveil Americans: Steve Straub


‘Willy Wonka’ child stars reveal who Gene Wilder said was a ‘brat’: Adriana Diaz
You Say It's Libturd Thursday Morning?: Woodsterman
For Every Action…: MOTUS


Anonymous said...

The COVID vaccine is “non-sterilizing,” I.e., it isn’t a dead end for the virus, but a bottleneck. Resistant strains will be selected for by the vaccinated host, similar to how antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria arise. The more people vaccinated, the more likely we’ll see resistant variants. The very process they tell us will protect us, will most likely make us all less safe. You can’t get to “herd immunity” via a “non sterilizing” vaccine, at least not this one.
Also, vaccinating children and healthy young people may prove to be a terrible mistake.

Not all vaccines are good for young children. Some are very good if given early, and others should be delayed.
Some probably shouldn’t be given to them at all.

Anonymous said...

Very in depth analysis of the biology and virology involved with COVID and mRNA vaccines, as well as the most likely origin of the virus. Between this site and his YouTube channel he goes back to Feb 2020.