Friday, July 02, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Insurrectionists, white supremacists, and domestic Muslims are all the same people—us

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BIO-6 Massager: Personal review from Doug: this thing is great.
Insurrectionists, white supremacists, and U.S. Muslims are all the same people—us: Lee Smith
Tucker to the NSA: You didn't answer the question: Fox
The Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Labels Trump Voters Enemies Of The State: John Lucas

Every New Republican Is the Most Evil Republican Ever: Kurt Schlichter
Supreme Court Tells California It Can’t Demand Nonprofits Identify Donors: Thomas Jipping
Military Leaders Up for Promotion Must Nix Critical Race Theory, Cotton Urges: Fred Lucas

Yale student council approves statement accusing Israel of ‘genocide’ and ‘apartheid’: JTA
Chabad Rabbi Stabbed Outside of Boston Jewish Day School: Mordechai Lightstone
Boston: Muslim identified as man who stabbed rabbi, cops search for motive: Robert Spencer

Biden Nominee Warned American Children Are 'Environmental Hazard': Robert Kraychik
40% of San Francisco residents plan to leave due to quality of life: Poll: Examiner
Botched’ NYC Mayor’s Race Casts Doubt on Ranked-Choice Voting: Fred Lucas


The Real Reason They Blame Heat Deaths, Blackouts, and Forest Fires on Climate Change: Shellenberger
Largest teachers union to debate demanding vaccinations before returning in person: Cassidy Morrison
Teachers unions' zero COVID-risk demand makes zero sense: Examiner

Scandal Central

Biden Administration’s domestic terrorism set to criminalize conservative speech: Max Abrahms
Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg is paraded through court in cuffs to face charges over unpaid taxes: Daily Mail
Eric Trump tears into indictment of Allen Weisselberg over a 'corporate car' that has taken five years: Daily Mail

Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Voting Reforms With 6-3 Ruling: CTH
AZ Chairwoman Kelli Ward Discusses Results of SCOTUS Decision Supporting Arizona Election Reform: CTH
Arizona Audit Volunteer Liz Harris Gives Interesting Interview About Status of Maricopa County Ballot Audit: CTH

Trump Organization indictments are a travesty of justice: Post
Loudoun County school culture war blowup fuels Virginia governor's race: Emily Brooks
San Jose To Tax Law-Abiding Gun Owners For The Actions Of Criminals: BattleSwarm


The secular beatification of Nikole Hannah-Jones: Protein Wisdom
Time Magazine Fails To Disclose CCP Funding in Latest Print Edition: Chuck Ross
Glenn Greenwald calls out liberals who ‘loved’ his NSA reporting but are now mocking Tucker Carlson: Douglas Ernst


China President Xi threatens Biden and the West: bullies to ‘face broken heads and bloodshed’: Mark Moore
A Tale of 2 Navies: Reviewing India and China’s Aircraft Carrier Procurement: Rick Joe
State Department Backs Iranian Protesters as Biden Admin Emboldens Hardline Regime: WFB

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

‘Blood batteries’ fuel the fortune of Elon Musk: Jane Flanagan
Big Tech Now Sending Warnings That Users May Have Been Exposed to Extremist Content, Dissident Voices: CTH
Deep Permafrost Layers More Climate-Resilient Than Previously Thought – Study: TMT


What NYPD Ex-Cop and 9/11 First Responder Says About Patriotism, July Fourth: Rachel del Guidice
SEAL Survival Guide: Fighting Tips: Military
It All Looks Quite Shady: MOTUS

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