Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: A Chinese ‘Spy Recruitment’ Scholar Is Now Running Joe Biden’s NSA Personnel Department

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A Chinese ‘Spy Recruitment’ Scholar Now Runs Biden NSA Personnel Dept.: Pulse
Hunter Biden Paid by Oil Man Connected to Notorious Congolese Warlord: Chuck Ross
A Refreshingly Honest Interview About Mitch McConnell and Republicans in DC: CTH

Democrats plan to zero out wall funding, slash border patrol amid historic surge: Examiner
Tensions Run High on Border as Crisis Worsens: ET
AZ Resident: Biden Letting Us Down, Also Letting Illegal Immigrants Down: Shea Garrison

White House Says They Will Go Door to Door For Federal Vaccine Compliance: CTH
Nancy Pelosi Directs Capitol Hill Security Police Units to Open Regional Offices: CTH
Eric Adams named winner of problem-plagued Democratic primary in NYC: Daniel Chaitin

Tucson Mayor: We’re Going to Ignore AZ’s New Second Amendment Sanctuary Law: TTAG
TN and GA Need Real Republican (Conservative) Governors ASAP: Roger L. Simon
Radical leftists want armed confrontation with any state that enforces borders: AT


Is Critical Race Theory at a school near you?: Campus Reform
Unions Double Down on Inserting Critical Race Theory Into Education: Lindsey Burke
Biden to Shift Covid Funds to Cover Costs for Kids at Border: Bloomberg

Scandal Central

Kash Patel: FBI Director Wray Was ‘Noticeably Absent’ From Meetings in Run-Up to Jan 6: Debra Heine
Kash Patel: January 6 could have been prevented: @AKA_RealDirty
20 Questions for Nancy Pelosi About January 6: Julie Kelly

Supreme Court Leaves Unlawful, Unconstitutional Eviction Moratorium Intact: Joel Griffith
Andrew Cuomo Seizes Emergency Powers to Fight Gun Violence 'Public Health' Emergency: PJM
Over 535 Charged 6 Months After Jan. 6 Capitol Breach: DOJ: ET


CNN Calls Tucker Carlson a ‘New Alex Jones” In Attempt to Deplatform Fox News Host: Summit
Why Hollywood’s Cozy Relationship With China Could Face An Ugly Reckoning In The 2020s: Emily Jashinsky
Doctors Tell Biden: Let Assange Go: Consortium

Rapper Zuby posted 21 things he learned about humanity through the 'Rona and it's 🔥🔥🔥: NTB
CBS Hides Corruption of 1619 Project, Asks ‘Impeccable’ Creator to ‘Clarify’: Scott Whitlock
LinkedIn restores account of mRNA vaccine pioneer who warns about their risks: JTN


Iran Mocks Biden: Drone strike hits near base where U.S. troops are housed at Erbil in Iraq: JTN
The G-7’s crime against humanity: Steve Milloy
Oh, great. The Taliban is already holding military parades... with our weapons: Jazz Shaw

Chinese state media publishes 'three-stage' plan for invading neighboring Taiwan: PM
Covid Passports – Malfunctions, Discrimination and Police Abuse of Process: WUWT
The terror group China fears the most: AT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Biden sets up tech showdown with ‘right-to-repair’ rules for FTC: LAT
Pentagon Cancels $10 Billion Contract That Microsoft and Amazon Were Fighting Over: ET
The 'most complicated machine humans have built' keeps US technology a decade ahead of China: John Sexton


Video evidence suggests Biden is a Potemkin president, without real support: Andrea Widburg
Reports Saying The Mullahs Bought Up The Entire Initial Print Run Of Ben’s New Book: Earl of Taint
Memes of the Humorous Variety This Morning: Woodsterman

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