Thursday, July 15, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Tucker Receives Whistleblower Report That U.S. Military Transporting Illegal Aliens Around Country

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Whistleblower Report: U.S. Military Transporting Illegal Aliens Around Country: CTH
Nearly 190,000 border crossings seen in June, busts Biden’s claim it's seasonal: Paul Bedard
House Republicans Demand Answers From NSA Of Allegations It Spied On Carlson: DC

Fauci Emails Point To Panic, Lies, And A Possible Cover-Up: Jim Jordan
Why Congress Should Demand An Audit Of Biden’s Taxes: Christopher Jacobs
I’m A Middle School Teacher: Critical Race Curriculum Is Creating Racial Hostility In School: LI

The Disillusionment of the Deplorables: Martyr Made
Author of the Mega-Viral Thread on MAGA Voters Explains His Thinking: Darryl Cooper
Capitol Police To Use Military Surveillance Equipment As 'Protective Agency': ZH

Commie “Squad” MIA on Cuban protests as communist regime slams demonstrators: JTN
Cuba Protests Remind Us of Communism’s Evil and Why America Is Land of Hope: Signal
Remembering What Was Done to the Trump Administration: Roger Kimball


Poll: 1.8 million Americans have turned down jobs due to unemployment benefits: Sam Ro
4 Reasons Why Federal Government Shouldn’t Permanently Expand Jobless Benefits: Signal
Kudlow: The Biden tax hike is 7 times as large as the Trump tax cut: FoxBiz

Scandal Central

Schweizer: We Confirmed Joe Biden Benefited from Hunter Biden's Deals: Robert Kraychik
Fulton County Mail-In Ballots: Hand Recount Audit ‘Riddled with Massive Errors and Provable Fraud’: GA Star
Stunning IG Report: FBI Facilitated Rape of U.S. Gymnasts, Lied About It, and DOJ Refused to Prosecute: CTH

US Navy in shambles as leaders prioritize wokeness over combat readiness: report: Mia Cathell
Biden Boosted a Pipeline; Now His Aide Susan Rice Could Get Richer: Jacobin
FBI allegedly used at least 12 "informants" in alleged plot to kidnap MI Gov. Whitmer: BuzzFeed


Biden Regime to Release List of Conservative Influencers Followed by J6 Defendants: Liberty Daily
Quick Hits: Lisa Murkowski Is One Old Dour Brokedown Nasty Whore Edition: Ace
Developing: Discrepancies Found During Maricopa County Audit; Numbers Do Not Match: ElectionWiz


What’s Really Going On Inside Cuba: Rachel del Guidice
150 Multinational Corporations, The Wall Street Crowd, Urge Congress to Take Over U.S. Elections: CTH
The Army is training the first batch of Space Marines: T&P

US warns about doing business in Xinjiang amid Uyghur genocide: Jerry Dunleavy
Wuhan Flu: State Of Psychosis: SDA
Go Figure, China Isn’t Keeping Its Promises on Climate Change: Jim Geraghty

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

‘Wobbling’ moon will cause devastating worldwide flooding in 2030s, Nasa warns: Nick Allen
The myth of ethical AI in war: Stephen Bryen
How Google Translate deceives you: Raymond Ibrahim


Emails Show Wuhan Lab Asked Fauci Agency for Help with Containing Pathogens: HE
Watch 1 Billion Years Of Tectonic Plate Movement In 40 Seconds: ZH
Throwback Thursday, Carpe Diem Edition: MOTUS

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