Saturday, July 17, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: The Real Story of January 6

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American Marxism, new by Mark Levin
The Real Story of January 6: Lee Smith
Psaki: Tech Monopolies Should Ban Unacceptable Opinions Across All Platforms: Ace
Cartel Posts Death Threat to US Law Enforcement Near El Paso: ET

Del. US Attorney Blocked Hunter Biden Warrants to Protect Biden 2020 Effort: CTH
Ex-lawmaker: Joe Biden ‘took direct benefit’ from Hunter’s dealings: Emily Jacobs
Tucker calls for immediate firing of Joint Chiefs chair Milley after WaPo reports: BPR

Analysis: Biden’s Policies to Drive 1.7 Million Illegal Immigrants to US in 2021: ET
Federal judge blocks new DACA applications: Kaelan Deese
Texas AG Applauds DACA Decision, Says It’s Time to Relitigate State Control of Border: ET

GA Sec. Of State Admits More Than 10,000 Illegal Votes Cast In 2020: Margot Cleveland
Biden continues to lie about 2020 election: OAN
Let Them Die,’ Intolerant PTA, NAACP Official Says of Critical Race Theory Foes: Signal


Sound the alarm on Democrats' amnesty push for illegal immigrants in $3.5T budget package: Adam Shaw
JoeBamanomics: US Wages Down 1.2% Since Last Year, White House Wages Economic War on Women: CTH
‘Not Since World War II’: How a 4th-Generation Car Dealer Is Handling a Historic Price Storm: Barron’s

Scandal Central

Psaki Very Defensive About Feds Reviewing Americans' Social Media and Advising Bans: CTH
Glenn Greenwald Discusses Admission of White House Directing Opposition Censorship Through Big Tech: CTH
Psaki: Users ‘Banned on One Platform’ Should Be Banned on Other Social Media Networks: Hannity

The Capitol Cover Up: Julie Kelly
Democrats Openly Assault Honest Elections, Ohio’s Top Election Official Says: Fred Lucas
Hunter Biden prosecutor paused investigation before election: report: Steven Nelson


Facebook’s Top Censorship Board Is Filled With Elite, Power-Loving Bureaucrats: Jordan Davidson
Facebook Responds to Biden’s Claim They’re ‘Killing People’: ET
Biden Is Unfit to Be President — And the Media Is Unfit to Cover Him: David Keltz

Mark Levin: 'Jen Psaki Is the Best Witness for the Trump Lawsuit': Joel B. Pollak
Book Review: American Marxism, By Mark Levin : Spyridon Mitsotakis
How the Air Force Academy Mints Disloyal Military Leaders of Tomorrow: Daniel Greenfield


The House Of Special Purpose At 102: The Camp Of The Saints
China threatens ‘death knell’ for Hong Kong dissidents as US sanctions officials: Joel Gehrke
1 million migrants may have been apprehended at U.S. border since January: DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Obama HHS Sec.: Unvaxxed Should Not Be Able to Work, Access Children, Roam Freely: AG
NASA fixes Hubble Space Telescope using backup power supply unit, payload computer: Katyanna Quach
Amazon Wins FCC Approval For Radar Device To Monitor Sleep: ZH


5 Things Americans Can Do to Make Our Country Better: Dennis Prager
Events in South Africa affirm the importance of our Second Amendment: Andrea Widburg
Second Amendment Blues: MOTUS
QOTD: “Something is going to happen…. The economy is a hot mess; inflation is crushing the working class; people can see food prices increasing to a disturbing level; gasoline is expensive; vaccinations are being forced upon people; our borders are intentionally unprotected; the election fraud is beginning to surface; the institutions of government are openly corrupt; the media cannot provide adequate enough cover; censorship is back-firing; people are now looking at freedom from a very personal perspective; and into this mix, the installed regime is losing control and lashing out. Yeah, something is about to happen.” --Sundance

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MMinWA said...

The fact is we are at war with the cartels. They are killing 1,000s with the drugs and making billions.

They are cramming 100s of 1,000s of illegals into our country.

Why don't we treat it like a war? Send the military into Mexico and wipe these mother fuckers out. It seems our good for nothing generals & administration are more concerned with getting woke than their #1 priority.

What a Klown Parade. Shameful.