Friday, July 30, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Surge raises suspicions migrants are propelling COVID-19 outbreaks

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Surge raises suspicions migrants are propelling COVID-19 outbreaks: Cassidy Morrison
Biden hypocrisy endangers American lives on southern border: Examiner
National Police Association rejects J6 hearings: demands probe of Floyd riots: Rebel

Report: CDC To Announce Tomorrow That COVID Vaccines Don’t Work on Delta Variant: CTH
America’s ‘Great Retreat’ is well underway: Stephen Bryen
Cruz: Latest Mask Guidance 'Pure Politics'; Mandates for Us, But Not for Illegal Aliens?: CNS

DOJ [D] threatens Texas with legal action over COVID-19 migrant order: Jeremy Beaman
Young Girl Arrested at Cuba Protests Says Police Threatened to Rape Her: Frances Martel
Minnesota woman found beheaded on sidewalk: Jeremy Beaman

The Case of Fauci: Why Bureaucrats Need Term Limits More Urgently Than Politicians: Roger L. Simon
Representatives Go on Offensive Against Pelosi’s Mask Rule, Cite 27th Amendment: GianCarlo Canaparo
Biden snaps at reporter who questions mask flip-flop: W. James Antle III


Venice Beach Doesn’t Have a Homelessness Crisis: Nicole Gelinas
Postal Workers Union, With Nearly 217,000 Members, Slams Biden Vaccine Mandate: DC
IL School District Issuing Color Coded ID Badges for Vaccinated and Non-Vaccinated Employees: CTH

Scandal Central

Republican senators raise questions after receiving unredacted Fauci email about Wuhan lab: Sarah Westwood
The “Noble” Lies of COVID-19: Slait
NIH Gave Millions to Chinese Entities to Study Infectious Diseases: Andrew Kerr


Sebastian Gorka on Fighting Back Against Radical Left: Douglas Blair
48 States Appeal Antitrust Case Against Facebook: Ailan Evans
Mike Lindell pulls MyPillow ads from Fox News: Jeremy Beaman

The Threat of Woke Capitalism Is Deeper and More Powerful Than it Appears: Tyler O'Neil
A California Marine Stands To Defend His Children From Forced Masks in School: CTH
The 2021 NBA Draft Decoded: Matt Taibbi


UK: NHS Hospital figures for Covid cases ‘misleading’: Telegraph
First Afghan evacuees head to US: Mike Brest
Navy sailor charged for fire that wrecked USS Bonhomme Richard: Mike Brest

Thousands of Illegal Aliens Force Proxy Ports of Entry to Form Along Border: ET
India’s ‘Peaceful Coexistence’ With China ‘Long Gone’: Expert: ET
Nanjing Outbreak Spreads to 27 Chinese Cities: ET

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Fully vaccinated people make up quarter of new COVID-19 infections in Los Angeles County: Kaelan Deese
QR Menu Codes Are Everywhere—and Tracking You More Than You Think: Gizmodo
Canadian geologist may have found earliest sign of animal life on Earth: TRT World


Pilot spots possible jetpack man 5,000 feet in the air: Matthew Miller
Teddy Daniels, MAGA Candidate For PA 8th Congressional District, Scranton Pennsylvania: CTH


commoncents said...

Best of Day 7 at the Tokyo Olympics: Suni Lee wins historic all-around gold | NBC Sports - VIDEO

The Gipper Lives said...

If mandates are so great, and you wanted to reassure the country about safety, WOULDN’T YOU HAVE YOUR OWN WHITE HOUSE STAFF MANDATED TO RECEIVE THE JAB FIRST?


And why is Biden imposing mandatory medical device-jabs on the doctors and nurses at the VA? These medical professionals aren’t smart enough to decide for themselves?

And he’s doing it based on medical advice from the medical professionals the NIH and CDC–WHO ARE THEMSELVES EXEMPTED FROM THE MANDATES THEY’RE RECCOMMENDING FOR OTHERS?

What the hell is that?