Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: How CRT-style ‘equity’ ideology plunged South Africa into inequality and chaos

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American Marxism, new by Mark Levin
How CRT-style ‘equity’ ideology plunged South Africa into inequality and chaos: Rian Malan
Why does Biden team ask thuggish regimes to lecture US on racism?: Examiner
Pompeo: Biden WH Inviting UN Racism Experts 'Enormous Mistake': Rachel del Guidice

Fauci v. Paul and 3 Other Takeaways From Senate COVID-19 Hearing: Fred Lucas
Rand Paul to Fauci: You perjured yourself about funding gain of function research: Hot Air
Senator Rand Paul Confronts a Very Nervous and Lying Dr. Anthony Fauci: CTH

Federal Judge Stops Biden White House’s Authoritarian Move on Amnesty: HvS
Secessionist, Border Realignment Movements Gaining Traction in US: Allan Stein
President Trump Promises Not to Let GOPe Succeed With Splitter Strategy in Wyoming: CTH

The American Descent into Madness: Victor Davis Hanson
Federal prosecutions of January 6 raise questions of politics and equity: Sharyl Attkisson
Were Strong Gun Sales to Blame for 2020’s Violence?: Robert VerBruggen


Biden tax hike agenda hits a snag as Republicans balk at IRS funds: Naomi Lim
'Civilian Climate Corps' to be part of Senate Democrats' infrastructure bill: Kerry Picket
California Looks to Promote ‘Equity’ in Math Class: Richard Bernstein

Scandal Central

The Rank Shame of the FBI’s Rank and File: Peter D'Abrosca
Eric Shartwell spent campaign funds on booze and limos, $20K at hotel where his wife works: Fox
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Nominee Faces Pushback Over Stonewalling Senators: Norbert Michel

Shades of Clinton: Joe Biden used private email to send government information to Hunter: JTN
Slipup? Fauci Calls Original Covid-19 Variants the ‘Prototype’ Viruses: JD Rucker
Inspector General Outlines More Gross FBI Misconduct With Senior Officials and Media Collusion: CTH


Why Big Tech Will Lose the Censorship Wars: David Catron
White House Relies on British Dark Money Group to Identify ‘Misinformation’ and Justify Censorship: Debra Heine
Goodbye, America: Ben Stein

The Truth About Georgia’s Voting Law: Hans von Spakovsky
Axios: Anyone else notice Dems running away from their party?: Ed Morrissey
Axios: Sure looks like the fleebagging Texas Dems spread COVID at White House, Capitol Hill: Ed Morrissey


Putin will laugh at Biden and Merkel's farcical Nord Stream 2 deal: Tom Rogan
Number of Americans with symptoms of Havana Syndrome reaches 200 after wave of attacks in Vienna: John Sexton
Top Health Officer Orders Australians: ‘Don’t Have a Conversation’ With Each Other: Summit

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Bill Gates- and George Soros-Backed Organization Buys Out COVID-19 Testing Company: ET
Doctor says: Stop the panic over the Delta variant: Joel Zinberg
J&J Vaccine Significantly Less Effective Against CCP Virus Variants, Study Suggests: ET


Social In One Word: Olika Design
Jeff Bezos’ Penis-Shaped Rocket Launches Dr. Evil Comparisons: Andi Ortiz
Weighed And Found Wanting: Diogenes

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Anonymous said...

Americans need to wake up and realize that Government now is simply the blending of the Deep State and the Uni-Party. The rest is posturing to make you feel like something is happening. Thank God they all got the Jab.