Monday, July 19, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Taiwan Is Next, but Should We Care?

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American Marxism, new by Mark Levin
Taiwan Is Next, but Should We Care?: B.B. Bell
Reps. Roy, Massie push DOJ for information on Capitol riot prosecutions: Natalia Mittelstadt
DeSantis: "You got to put on the full armor of God" to Fight Against The Left: RSB Network

California is releasing 76K inmates early, including violent felons: KTLA
The Atlanta police exodus continues apace: Jazz Shaw
Mental health counselors to be dispatched on 911 calls in Chicago instead of cops: Daily Mail

The Panic Pandemic: John Tierney
Governments ausing credit card purchase data as secret “contact tracing’ COVID: RTN
World In Chaos: TBP

What the Protests in Cuba Tell Us About the Left's Agenda for America: Neil Patel
Reps. Gaetz and Greene protest in Cali after third venue canceled their rally: Daily Mail
Texas House Democrats' walkout costing taxpayers $43,000 a day: JTN


You’ll Love Being Chinese: SDA
US Senator: China Rolling in Money From US Taxpayers Using Global COVID Vaccination Program: Nicole Hao
EPA squeeze on aftermarket car part sellers hurts classic car industry, Lankford says: Kerry Picket

Scandal Central

Wis. Rep. Ramthun Calls For Full Forensic Audit After 2020 Ballot Irregularities: OAN
President Trump: Ariz. Hearing Shows There’s Enough Fraud To Change Outcome Of Election: OAN
Intel Committee Democrat Who Pushed Russia Collusion Hoax Is Invested In CCP-Led Companies: Pulse

Anaheim government: The canceled Gaetz/Greene event did "not reflect our city and its values": Hot Air
Project Veritas exposes critical race theory indoctrination at toy company Hasbro: PM
Biden Caves on Critical Theories Grant After Parents Push Back: Stacey Lennox


The 2020 polling disaster: Byron York
On "warrior culture" and "SEAL worship": Wyatt
1619 Project creator claims socialism solved racism in Cuba: Tiana Lowe

Our trip trip to Georgia, or where Floridians spend their summer vacations: John Ruberry
The Grift That Keeps on Grifting: Andrew Stiles
Bill Burr Torches CNN: ‘Treasonous Un-American Pieces Of S***’, Biden ‘A F***ing Bore’: Daily Wire


Tucker interviews South Africa civil rights activist on why people are leaving: Tucker Carlson
China Military Holds Beach Assault Drill to Threaten US, Taiwan: NewsMax
Taliban demands war booty, women aged 15-45, as sex slaves in captured Afghanistan : Ashlyn Davis

US and allies blame China's spy agency for 'really eye-opening' cyberattacks: Joel Gehrke
The Bribery Case Against Netanyahu: An Extremely Wobbly House of Cards: Gadi Taub
China Preparing to Expropriate Foreign-Held Tech Shares: Gordon G. Chang

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Guardian Outlines “Project Pegasus” an “Expose’” into Multiple Governments Using Israeli Spyware: CTH
MIT Study: Vaccine Hesitancy Is 'Highly Informed, Scientifically Literate,' and 'Sophisticated': RIck Moran
Russia's New Fighter Design Seen Uncovered For The First Time: TheDrive


The Minister Of Misinformation (MOM) Means No More Mean Tweets: MOTUS
♫♪♫ Am I The Only? ♫♪♫ To answer the question, "No There Are Millions That Feel The Same Way": Feral Irishman
Cocktails with Communists: Joe Dan Gorman

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