Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: White House Occupant Delivers Angry Speech Demanding Defense of His Legitimacy

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Amazon and The Wires of War: Technology and the Global Struggle for Power, by Jacob Helberg
White House Occupant Delivers Angry Speech Demanding Defense of His Legitimacy: CTH
Fact-Checking 6 Big Claims in Biden’s Partisan-Tinged Speech on Voting: Fred Lucas
Government Shows They Don’t Need Your Vote: Lars Larson

Democrats to take on Supreme Court after justices uphold Arizona voter ID: Nicholas Rowan
TX Rep. asks Capitol sergeant-at-arms to extradite fugitive state Democrats: Picket
Mark Levin rips Texas Democrat 'clowns' for fleeing state to block election bill: Fox

President Biden’s pathetic attempt to rig the rules: Examiner
Declining Navy Culture Is a Cautionary Tale for Wokening America: Benjamin Weingarten
Want Proof That Hunter Biden’s ‘Art’ Sale Is An Influence-Peddling Scam?: I&I

Dr. Fauci Calls for Government-Mandated Vaccinations: RS
Republicans push to ban "discrimination" against unvaccinated people: Haxios
Joe Biden, shameless liar: Paul Mirengoff


Inflation Data Shows Annualized Total Inflation Rises to 5.4 Percent and Climbing: CTH
Worst inflation in 30 years even worse than it looks: Spengler
Biden’s ‘Competition’ Executive Order Realizes a Central Planner’s Dream: Daren Bakst

Scandal Central

AZ Senate president says 2020 election audit's ballot count differs from Maricopa tally: Daniel Chaitin
AZ Senate President Announces Ballot Count Discrepancy Between Forensic Audit and Maricopa Records: CTH
Twelve FBI Operatives Involved in Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Plot That Ended With Six Arrests: CTH

Fulton County: New Evidence Reveals Significant Fraud and Thousands of Double Counted Ballots: CTH
Who Was the Leaker Who Fingered General Flynn?: Stu Cvrk
Hunter Biden’s Art Sales: Ethical Mess Made Worse by White House: Tim Murtaugh


Mark Levin urges Americans to boycott 'woke' businesses: The Shill
She Was Imprisoned in Her Native Cuba. Here’s How She Describes Life Under Communism.: Rachel del Guidice
Chicago-area lawsuit blows up media defenses of critical race theory: Quin Hillyer


Biden Admin Waives Sanctions on Iranian Oil Trade As DOJ Reveals Iranian Kidnap Plot: Adam Kredo
Iran plotted to kidnap NYC journalist critical of regime, DOJ says: Jerry Dunleavy
Pay Attention – French President Macron Announces All Citizens Must Be Vaccinated: CTH

Is Kim Jong Un’s Regime on Cusp of Collapse?: Bruce Klingner
China’s Belt and Road won’t readily reach Afghanistan: AT
Global Vaccine Passports Have Arrived Courtesy of Google, EU: Privacy To Go

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

FAA approves Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin for trip to space: Jeremy Beaman
Semiconductors Key to US Supremacy in High-Tech War: Emel Akan
How Google and Wikipedia Brainwash You: Ryan Matters


Lightning Strike Destroys George Floyd Mural in Toledo: Summit
Butterflies: Feral Irishman
Let The Truthiness Begin: MOTUS

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Average Joe Bro said...

The dems are playing 3D chess while the Republicans are playing checkers. While the right worries about lifting the mask sanctions, the leftist Marxists are allowing hundreds of thousands of illegals to pour into the country without being tested for covid or anything else. Then flying them all over the country on the taxpayer's dime. "Coincidentally" we are now seeing covid variants spiking all over the US. The dems know they need another lockdown if they are to have any chance of repeating the cheating for 2022.