Thursday, July 22, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Did the FBI drive the Whitmer kidnapping plot?

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American Marxism, new by Mark Levin
Did the FBI drive the Whitmer kidnapping plot?: Jazz Shaw
Suspected FBI Leaker Could Evade Consequences: Alana Goodman
After Pelosi Rejects GOP ⅙ Committee Members, McCarthy Nukes Her Cover-Up: CTH

DHS: New Covid Restrictions for Citizens, But Border Will Remain Open To Illegals: CTH
Hold China, Biden to Account to Prevent Drugs From Crossing Border: Lora Ries
‘More and More Devastating’: Congresswoman Details Third Trip to Border: Rachel del Guidice

Gavin Newsom invites world's homeless to California: Tori Richards
DC leaders struggle with rising crime after cutting police: Sarah Westwood
California Shoplifting Continues as TJ Maxx Brazenly Robbed: Daily Mail

The Coming ‘January 6’ Train Wreck: James Bovard
What Leftists Overlook About Cuba: Cal Thomas
Michigan governor to be stripped of emergency powers used for COVID-19 rules: Carly Roman


Senate Republicans block effort to advance infrastructure bill: JTN
Plummeting reservoir levels could soon force Oroville hydropower offline: Julia Wick
Senate Republicans Block Debate on Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill over Lack of Final Text: NRO

Scandal Central

Pennsylvania Decertifies Fulton County’s Voting System After Post-Election Audit: CBS Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania county refuses access to voting machines for forensic audit: Daniel Chaitin
Voting machines in Pennsylvania's Fulton County decertified after audit: Jake Dima

Eloquent Grassroots Effort in York County Pennsylvania Supporting an Election Audit: CTH
Ethics brushed aside, Hunter Biden expected to schmooze with prospective art buyers: Jake Dima
Factbox: Tokyo 2020 plagued by embarrassing scandals and gaffes: Reuters


Media Finds Mark Levin’s ‘American Marxism’ Book Too Counterrevolutionary: Tim Graham
The White House Is Attacking Us: Spencer Brown
Today's feel-good news: Donors abandoning Cuomo over scandal-plagued performance: Ed Morrissey


Stop legitimizing China's corrupt regime: Examiner
Biden will push Ukraine’s president to ‘tackle corruption’ when he visits White House: Steven Nelson
Biden Does More to Help Russia Than Trump Ever Did in 4 Years as He Clears Way for Nord Stream 2 Pipeline: WJ

On the Migrant Trail in Costa Rica: CIS
Mexican highway robbers stole 7 million rounds of US-bound ammo: AMN
Israel Warns Unilever Chief Over Ben & Jerry’s Boycott: Alisa Odenheimer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

China reports first human case of Monkey B virus after veterinarian's death: Fox
Ancient 15,000-Year-Old Viruses Identified in Melting Tibetan Glaciers: ScienceAlert
30 percent of illegal immigrants in border facilities refused COVID vaccine: report: Post


The Morlocks Milk Covid® for All Its Worth So That They Might Inherit the Earth: TBP
Woke USA Women Soccer Team Lose 3-0 at Olympics: CTH
Ashli Babbitt Didn’t Kill Herself: MOTUS

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Average Joe Bro said...

Note to the USA women's soccer team;
Making boisterous displays of your woke-ness and fanatical commitment to CRT and BLM propaganda does not a game plan make. A little more actual running as opposed to running your mouths might help....