Monday, July 05, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: How the Democrats fell for Mussolini

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How the Democrats fell for Mussolini: Joel Kotkin
Hunter Biden Docs: $100,000 Donation By Ex-FBI Director Freeh To Biden Grandkids: Turley
Independence Day – A View from the Left and from the Right: GraniteGrok

The ‘Noble Lies’ of the New Race Politics: David Mikics
Frederick Douglass's great 1852 speech, "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?": Jacoby
Is It a Conspiracy Theory to Say All This Racial Discord Is Intentional?: Civis Americanus

Read It And Be Brave: According To Hoyt
The NSA Does Not Deny Reading Tucker Carlson’s Emails: Fred Fleitz
Trump Promises to Restore Free Speech in America: ET

Washington State’s ‘Native Education’ curriculum attacks Israel in grade school lessons: JNS
San Francisco car break-ins up over 750% in some areas, police say: Fox
Poll: Just 36% of Young People Are Proud To Be American: Terry Jones


These Woke Firms Are Sponsoring China’s Genocide Games: Conn Carroll
GOP Senators Cautioned on More Funding for IRS in ‘Infrastructure’ Deal: Fred Lucas
Highway To Nowhere Drives Entire Country Deep Into Debt: Erin Marquis

Scandal Central

Preview, The Fourth Branch of Government: CTH
Day One – The Fourth Branch of Government, The Intelligence Branch: CTH
Judges Rule Leftist Attorneys Who Firebombed Cops Can Still Practice Law in NY, Rudy Giuliani Cannot: NatlFile


CCP buys media influence by paying ..: Times Of India
Iranian media: Biden bowing to Israeli mother of 12 proves Jews control America: Elder of Ziyon
Maxine Waters Criticizes Declaration of Independence on Fourth of July: Breitbart

NPR denounces Declaration of Independence on July 4, cites 'racist slur' in editor's note: PM
Washington Post Writer Claims Statue of Liberty Symbol of 'Hypocrisy': Amy Furr
Joe Concha Goes After The ‘Woke Mob’ At The New York Times For Calling The American Flag ‘Divisive’: DC


Former Police Officer Recounts Witnessing ‘Industrialized’ Organ Harvesting in China: ET
Taliban threatens Biden: says foreign troops staying after Sept. 11 will be considered ‘occupiers’: Post
China prepares to move into Afghanistan following America's departure with 'Belt and Road' program: Daily Mail

Iran power outage crisis leads politicians to slam their own policy: JPost
Spain's Proposed 'National Security Law' Would Allow Seizure Of Citizens' Property During Health "Crisis": ZH
Singapore to become one of first nations to STOP counting Covid cases as it plans to treat virus ‘like the flu’: The Sun

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Mexico Uses Ivermectin, Why Aren’t We?: JoNoa
Vaccine Billionaires and Human Guinea Pigs: Colin Todhunter
Hackers demand $70 mln to restore data held by companies hit in cyberattack - blog: Raphael Satter


Joey Chestnut sets new world record at Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest: Charles Hilu
The Last of the Finest: American Digest
Liberty: It’s A Bonus: MOTUS


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There is no reason for NPR to exist period.

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Prager U Video - Are You Proud to Be an American?